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Where did Pendergast get his money?

Where did Pendergast get his money?

The Pendergast family. Officially, much of the Pendergast’s family wealth came from pharmaceuticals, and the family was sufficiently old and established in New Orleans to conduct themselves as aristocracy.

How did Preston and Child meet?

Q: How did Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child meet? So Child contacted Preston, took him to lunch at New York’s Russian Tea Room, and pitched the idea of a book. Thus was born Dinosaurs in the Attic, Preston’s first non-fiction book. During the book’s (at times difficult) birth, the two became friends.

Is there a Pendergast movie?

In the 1997 movie adaptation of “Relic,” for example, there is no Pendergast to be found. A movie project that is currently in the works is an adaptation of Preston’s 2008 nonfiction book, “The Monster of Florence,” chronicling the writer’s investigation of a 30-year-old serial-murder case in Italy.

What is the last Pendergast novel?

The Pendergast series by Douglas Preston is a series of techno thriller short stories. Some of the novels are horror novels while others are simply just thrillers….Publication Order of Pendergast Books.

Relic (1995) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Blue Labyrinth (2014) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Is Lucifer’s heart diamond real?

Unbeknownst to Diogenes, however, the collection’s finest specimen, the fabled Lucifer’s Heart, was only a replica; the real one was safely locked away in the vault of the museum’s insurance company.

What happens to Constance Greene?

While Horace Greene did succumb to the disease, Chastity—out of her head and in despair—met her end falling or jumping into the East River. Her body was lifted from the river with grappling hooks while her two daughters looked on—a fact Constance still keeps to herself.

What disease does Douglas Preston have?

Preston was one of many on the expedition who contracted an aggressive parasitic disease, called mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, in the lost city.

Is the Pharaoh key the last Gideon Crew Novel?

The Pharaoh Key is the fifth—and apparently final—novel in the Gideon Crew series written by the prodigious writing team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Who is Constance Greene?

Constance Greene is the ward and amanuensis of Special Agent Pendergast. First mentioned in only vague, mysterious terms in The Cabinet of Curiosities and Still Life with Crows, she was finally introduced during the events of Brimstone.

Is the movie Relic on Netflix?

Watch The Relic on Netflix Today!

Do Pendergast books need to be read in order?

While the newer novels in the series could be read as standalones, reading the Pendergast books in order is recommended, as most of the FBI agent’s entourage is back, and some cases deal with people from earlier books, while others simply push forward new cases involving D’Agosta, Constance, and even Diogenes.

Is Diogenes really dead?

Deceased (404 BC–323 BC)
Diogenes/Living or Deceased