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Where is the new Kia Sorento commercial filmed?

Where is the new Kia Sorento commercial filmed?

Moab, Utah
The commercial, filmed at “Hell’s Revenge” in Moab, Utah, highlights the power and the capability of the new 2019 Kia Sorento.

Where is the mountain in the Kia commercial?

iNFOnews Kamloops The North Okanagan resort is the backdrop for this car commercial, but they claim it was shot in the Rocky Mountains.

What ski hill is the Kia commercial?

Silver Star Mountain Resort
VERNON – The Okanagan is quickly becoming a hot spot for filming locations. Following several Hollywood films shot in the Okanagan this year, a Kia commercial was recently filmed at Silver Star Mountain Resort. Waiting in line for a chairlift is a drag, so skiers in the commercial avoid it by catching a ride in a Kia.

What is the new Kia SUV in the commercial?

2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid TV Commercial, ‘Front Row’ [T1]

Who is the voice in the KIA SUV commercials?

About Kevin Kevin is an Emmy-Nominated and Voice-Arts Award winning voice actor with over 15 years’ experience. He’s known for his documentary work on The National Geographic Channel, REELZ TV and PBS.

What Ski Hill did the Kia Sportage drive up?

Silver Star Mountain
KIA Motors has released a commercial featuring their vehicles driving people to the top of Silver Star Mountain. In the 87-second commercial, skiers waiting at the bottom of the hill are asked if they would rather get a ride to the top than wait for the chairlift.

Where is the genesis car advert filmed?

Production service company Flatpack Films, in collaboration with Keystone Paris, have shot their latest commercial for Hyundai’s Genesis G80 outside of the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest. The spot is noteworthy for keeping the car stationary throughout, highlighting its design as opposed to its speed.

Who is the actor in Kia Sorento commercial?

Darin Ferraro Pro
Darin Ferraro Pro. The Passion of being an Actor.

Why is the Sorento a story telling machine?

As a 2021 Kia Sorento drives down open roads, the automaker says its vehicle is a storytelling machine because it can find unexpected stories in unexpected places. You’re invited to take these stories and share them with others.

Who makes Genesis cars?

Genesis Motor is the luxury subsidiary of Korean auto giant, Hyundai. Founded in 2015, Genesis is one of the youngest automotive brands and manufactures premium vehicles aimed squarely at established luxury brands.

Who is the man in the Genesis advert?

Arnaud Jerald
A campaign that instead of celebrating cars, celebrates time well spent. The … read more. The ad is shot by acclaimed director Frederic Planchon, with music by Olafur Arnalds, and features Arnaud Jerald, World Champion free diver.

Is the bear in the Kia Sorento commercial real?

Method Studios LA was tasked with creating a CG Bear and a CG Eagle in this exciting new spot for the 2021 Kia Sorento Midsize SUV. Huge thanks to Director Henry Hobson, Production Company MJZ, and David &… More.