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Which president owned a pet raccoon?

Which president owned a pet raccoon?

President Coolidge’s favorite pet was a raccoon named Rebecca; he built a special house for her, visited her every day, and walked her around the White House on a leash.

Did a president have a raccoon as a pet?

Rebecca was a raccoon kept as a pet by US president Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge. She had been sent to the White House to be served for the 1926 Thanksgiving dinner, but the Coolidges decided to keep her as a pet instead.

What was the name of the raccoon that lived in the White House?

The raccoon, quickly named Rebecca, became a fixture at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The Coolidge family, who also kept dogs and canaries, were kind pet owners and quickly built her a little house of her own. They let her roam the trees on the White House property.

Which president had the weirdest pet?

Rooster. William Mckinley and Theodore Roosevelt each had a rooster, but Roosevelt’s only had one leg. Roosevelt for sure wins the contest of the oddest presidential pets in the White House.

Which president had a pet tiger?

Early in his Presidency, Van Buren received a gift from Kabul al Said, the Sultan of Oman – a pair of tiger cubs. He was delighted with the pair, and began making adjustments to add them to his household. Congress, however, had something to say about his new pets – that he couldn’t keep them.

Which president had a pet possum?

Stories about President Benjamin Harrison’s pet opossums, Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection, can be found all over the internet.

Which president had a pet hippo?

President Calvin Coolidge
Billy, or William Johnson Hippopotamus, (Before 1927 – October 11, 1955) was a pygmy hippopotamus given to U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. Captured in Liberia, he was given to Coolidge by Harvey Samuel Firestone in 1927.

Which US president had a pet hyena?

Johnson, Bishop Doane, Fighting Bob Evans, and Father O’Grady; Maude the pig; Josiah the badger; Eli Yale the blue macaw; Baron Spreckle the hen; a one-legged rooster; a hyena; a barn owl; Peter the rabbit; and Algonquin the pony. President Roosevelt loved the pets as much as his children did.

What president had worms as a pet?

President John Quincy Adams
President John Quincy Adams succeeded James Monroe in the White House, serving as President from 1825 to 1829. Admittedly, he wasn’t able to accomplish much during this tumultuous time, but one lesser known fact about Adams is that he and his wife Louisa kept silkworms in the White House.

What president owned a goat?

Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd President, gave his grandchildren numerous pets. Among them was a goat named His Whiskers, who frequently pulled the children around the White House lawn in a cart.

Which first lady had a raccoon as a pet?

First Lady Grace Coolidge shows off her pet racoon, Rebecca, at the White House Easter Egg Roll April 18, 1927.

Which president had a bobcat?

Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge also kept a small zoo at the White House. Coolidge had a bobcat, wallaby, pygmy hippo, a bear and a domesticated raccoon.