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Who did the Harappan trade with?

Who did the Harappan trade with?

The Harappan people used to trade with foreign lands traveling through seas. The seaports found in Harappan civilization state that they were not bound to their own territories. They had traded with Iran and Afghanistan for Minerals, while Lead and Copper were exported from India.

Which countries of the Harappan civilization had trade relations?

It is proved to a certain extent that people of the Indus Valley traded with the people of Mesopotamia. Harappan jewellery and artefacts have been discovered in the areas where the Mesopotamian civilisation once flourished i.e. present-day Iraq, Kuwait and parts of Syria.

Who was the main trading partner for the Indus Valley?

Trade was very important for the Indus civilisation. Their main trade partner was Mesopotamia, which was an advanced civilisation in the Middle East.

What did Harappans trade?

Other trade goods included terracotta pots, gold, silver, metals, beads, flints for making tools, seashells, pearls, and colored gem stones, such as lapis lazuli and turquoise. There was an extensive maritime trade network operating between the Harappan and Mesopotamian civilizations.

Which thing was found in the Harappan cities?

Let us look at some of the objects that were made and found in Harappan cities. Most of the things that have been found by archaeologists are made of stone, shell and metal, including copper, bronze, gold and silver. Copper and bronze were used to make tools, weapons, ornaments and vessels.

How did Harappans carry out trade?

Did trade relations exist with different countries during Harappan civilization?

Evidence shows Harappans participated in a vast maritime trade network extending from Central Asia to modern-day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and Syria. The Indus Script remains indecipherable without any comparable symbols, and is thought to have evolved independently of the writing in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

Which items were imported by the Harappans?

Metals (raw materials) like Copper was imported from Baluchistan and Central Asia, Silver from Afghanistan, Gold grom Afghanistan, Karnataka and Persia and lead from Rajasthan and South India. The precious and semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli was imported from Badakshan and turquoise and jade from Central Asia.

What did the Harappans trade?

Did Harappans trade with Oman?

Exports from the Oman Peninsula to the Indus Valley included mainly copper ingots, seashells, softstone vessels with their still unknown contents, but probably also frankincense and other items of the so-called ‘invisible trade’ (Tosi 1991, 1993) (Figure 35.1).