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Who lives in the Chateau de Chenonceau?

Who lives in the Chateau de Chenonceau?

José-Emilio Terry, a Cuban millionaire, acquired Chenonceau from Madame Pelouze in 1891. Terry sold it in 1896 to a family member, Francisco Terry. In 1913, the château was acquired by Henri Menier, a member of the Menier family, famous for their chocolates, who still own it to this day.

What is Chenonceau famous for?

Chenonceaux is famous for its château, which bridges the Cher. Founded on the pilings of a mill in 1513 or 1515 by Thomas Bohier, financial minister in Normandy, the château was completed in 1522 and represents a type of architecture transitional between Gothic and Renaissance.

Who built the Chenonceau?

Philibert de l’Orme
Château de Chenonceau/Architects

How big is the Château de Chenonceau?

It is 60 meters by 6 meters (approximately 197 feet by 20 feet) and has 18 windows. This gallery spans the river that was the line of demarcation between occupied France and free France during World War II. The opulence inside is sometimes overwhelming as you can see in the following photographs.

What family owns Chenonceau today?

Since 1913, Château de Chenonceau has been the property of the Menier family, who made their money from Menier chocolates (now owned by Nestlé). Once again a woman, Simone Menier (1881-1972), steered the direction of Château de Chenonceau.

How did Diane become owner of Chenonceau?

On 10 July 1559, Queen Catherine de’ Medici, widow of Henry II, quickly deposed Diane de Poitiers and installed the authority of the young king, her son, at Chenonceau, amidst Italian pomp and splendour. Amongst the festivities she held here, she managed the Kingdom of France from her study, the Green Cabinet.

Why is Chenonceau called the castle of the ladies?

Like other Loire chateaux, Chenonceau fell into disuse and insignificance from the seventeenth century onwards. Chenonceau – often referred to as the Ladies’ Chateau due to the substantial influence women had on its development – is the second most-visited chateau in France and arguably the most romantic.

How old is the Chateau de Chenonceau?

500c. 1521
Château de Chenonceau/Age