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Why did Tom try and escape?

Why did Tom try and escape?

As a victim of racial injustice, Tom did not trust the corrupt, prejudiced court system and figured that he would lose his appeal. Rather than die during a public execution, Tom chose to take his fate into his own hands by attempting to escape.

What happens to Tom when he tries to escape?

Tom Robinson was shot in an escape attempt because he could not get over the fence fast enough with one arm. Tom Robinson was naturally depressed when he was convicted. Atticus told him they had a chance on appeal, but he did not want to wait.

How did Atticus react to Tom Robinson’s death?

As Atticus leans, clearly with emotional exhaustion, against the refrigerator, and rubs his eyes by pushing up his glasses with his fingers, Atticus appears very distraught and frustrated–even despairing–as he says with cynical finality, “I guess Tom was tired of white men’s chances and preferred to take his own.”

Why did Tom Robinson get shot 17 times?

Seventeen shots means they wanted to kill Tom Robinson rather than wound him and put him back in jail, which would have been a perfectly acceptable way to stop a prison break.

Does Tom Robinson get out of jail?

Unfortunately, the racist jury wrongly convicts Tom of assaulting and raping Mayella and he becomes a victim of racial injustice. Tom is then sent to Enfield Prison Farm in Chester County, where he loses his life attempting to escape.

Why does Atticus see Tom’s wife?

Atticus has to go to Helen Robinson’s house to deliver the bad news that Tom was shot and killed in a foiled and desperate escape attempt.

How long did Tom Robinson get in jail?

Expert Answers At the beginning of chapter 19, Atticus introduces his client by telling the jurors Tom’s age and mentioning that Tom has been in trouble with the law once in his life and served thirty days in prison for disorderly conduct.

Why did Atticus shoot Tom in the head?

Tom is shot multiple times when attempting to escape over the fence at the prison. Atticus’ explanation of why Tom would try to escape alluded to Tom’s hopelessness. Atticus leaned against the refrigerator, pushed up his glasses, and rubbed his eyes.

Why does Atticus say that Tom Robinson tried to escape?

Atticus said that Tom Robinson attempted to escape because he wanted to take matters into his own hands, and was tired of white men deciding his fate for him. Tom Robinson’s escape is one of the saddest parts of the book. We are rooting for Tom throughout, and saddened when he is convicted.

Why did Atticus want Calpurnia to come with him?

Atticus wants Calpurnia to come with him to give the news to Tom’s wife, Helen. Although Atticus appears in control, his sister Alexandra knows that “it tears him to pieces.” He explains that he had tried to give Tom as much hope as he could, telling him he thought they had a good chance of winning the appeal that would overturn Tom’s conviction.

What did Atticus tell scout about the Cunninghams?

Atticus tells Scout that a Cunningham was on the jury and didn’t want to convict Tom. This Cunningham thought that Tom was innocent. The jury actually had to think about the conviction before they did it. Why does Aunt Alexandra accept that the Cunninghams may be good but are not “our kind of folks”?