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Why is Pickle not stored in copper containers?

Why is Pickle not stored in copper containers?

Pickles and curd are not stored in brass and copper utensils because when they are kept in copper or brass utensils, curd or pickle reacts with copper and brass. This reaction will initiate formation of toxic compounds (Toxic Salts) which may be unfit for human consumption, and may cause food poisoning.

Can we store pickles in a copper container?

In the same way copper is a metal too. We are discussing this because, when acid react with metal it can corrode away the metal with a chemical process. Not all acids react such vigorously with metal. Thus, pickle and curd are not stored in the copper and brass utensils.

What happens when pickle in copper container?

Answer: When pickles and curd are stored in containers made up of copper metal, the lactic acid present in these food items reacts with the pot-metal and instantly forms metallic salts. These salts make the curd unhealthy for human consumption.

Why pickles are not kept in copper and Aluminium vessel?

Answer Expert Verified Pickles and sour substances are acidic in nature. When they are kept in aluminium or copper vessels , they react with them and form toxic compounds which are unfit for human consumption. This it is not advisable to keep pickles and sour substances in aluminium or copper vessels. Hope it helps!

Why pickles and so substances are not stored in brass and copper vessel?

Pickles and sour substances are not stored in brass and copper vessels because they are easily reacts with the pickles since pickles contain acidic nature. So, they form easily hydrogen gas and Soluble salts by reacting with pickles which lead the pickle into a toxic material.

Why pickles and jellies are not stored in the metal containers give reason?

Answer: Pickles and jams are acidic in nature. If they are kept in metal containers of Aluminium or Tin, they will slowly corrode the metal surface due to their toxicity. Hence, pickles and jams should not be stored in the metal containers.

Why is Aluminium not used to store pickles?

If lemon pickle is kept in the aluminum foil, the citric acid will react with the metal aluminum to form salt and liberate hydrogen gas. The release of hydrogen spoils the pickle and it is no longer edible. Therefore, it is advisable not to store lemon pickle in the aluminum foil.

Can pickles be stored in plastic containers?

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which can react to plastics. Pickles are made with adding a lot of preservatives for their longer shelf life. That means that it has a lot of acid and salt content. Hence, pickles should be kept in glass containers and not in plastic containers.

Why are pickles and sour substances not stored in metal containers?

Pickles and sour substances contain organic acids which are weak acids in them. These acids will react with the metallic part of the vessels to form salts. The salts formed are poisonous and hence dangerous to our health. Therefore, curd and sour substances should not be stored in brass and copper vessels.

Why curd is not stored in metal containers?

Curd and other sour substances contains acids in them. When placed in metallic containers , the acids present in the curd or any other sour substances, would react with the metal [ like copper ] , and would release a poisonous gas.

Can we store pickles in metal containers?

No, you should not store pickles in steel utensils as the acids( sour) materials will react with steel and form oxides which will harm us. It is recommended to store in glass jars.

Why pickles are stored in plastic bottles?

Pickles have an acid (vinegar) in them. Plastics do not react with the chemicals present in the pickle and do not corrode easily. Hence, it is safe to keep pickles in plastic or glass containers to avoid reaction between the acid and the container.