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Will Linda be coming back to Blue Bloods?

Will Linda be coming back to Blue Bloods?

Amy Carlson is returning to the CBS fold, three years after Blue Bloods brutally blindsided its viewers with the gradual reveal that her character, Linda Reagan, had been killed off, off-screen. Carlson’s off-camera exit nonetheless ranked among TV’s 100 Most Shocking Deaths Ever.

What happened to the actor who played Linda on Blue Bloods?

Carlson continued in the role of Linda through the seventh season of Blue Bloods. In the eighth-season premiere episode, which aired on September 29, 2017, it was revealed that Linda—who was a nurse—had died in a helicopter crash while transporting a patient.

How and why did Linda die on Blue Bloods?

The heroic death of Linda Reagan — a nurse killed in an accidental Medevac crash, in the course of saving lives — acquired a possibly darker tone with the Blue Bloods Season 9 premiere. “She died in a helicopter crash, airlifting her patient.”

Who killed Linda on Blue Bloods?

Fans were devastated when the show revealed that she was killed in a helicopter crash, and were even more upset to find out it wasn’t an accident at all, but a plot orchestrated by her husband, Danny’s (Donnie Wahlberg) nemesis, Luis Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips).

What episode does Linda get shot in blue bloods?

That Danny did provoke revenge.” Well, Blue Bloods fans finally got their answer on the April 12th episode titled, “Common Enemies.” Turns out, Linda was murdered by Jose Rojas (Danny Trejo) — and Danny and Luis worked together to bring him down. “We both want Jose Rojas.

What episode does Linda get killed in Blue Bloods?

Besides a brief remark of her demise during the Season 8 premiere that Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) wife, played by Amy Carlson, had died in a helicopter accident, there was no warning—and no proper goodbye.

How did Linda die on Blue Bloods Danny’s wife?

Viewers were angry and confused after the show revealed Linda had died in an apparent helicopter crash. But the latest season 9 episode just dropped another major bombshell: Linda’s demise was no accident.

Who is the new grandson on Blue Bloods?

Joe Hill
When Blue Bloods wrapped up its 10th season, there was a brand-new family member at the table for Sunday dinner, the newly discovered grandson of Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), named Joe Hill (Will Hochman).

Is Eddie pregnant on Blue Bloods?

At this point in the storytelling, it is not planned that Eddie will get pregnant, although she has been caught looking longingly at kids and has gone out of her way to assist a few. But right now, both Eddie and Jamie are focusing on their careers.