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Will there ever be another time team series?

Will there ever be another time team series?

Time Team announces historic comeback with 2021 dig at huge Oxfordshire Roman villa that may be ‘almost the size of Buckingham Palace’. Series Producer and creator of Time Team, Tim Taylor says, “They did it! We’re back thanks to the overwhelming support of our fans!”

How can I watch Time Team 2021?

The full episodes themselves will be available here on YouTube in due course (release schedule to be announced). Both of our 2021 digs are now in the post-production stage and we’re busy piecing together the various elements into the final episodes.

Is Time Team still being made?

It announced that after 20 seasons and over 230 episodes the programme was being axed by Channel 4. A few days later news of Time Team’s demise broke in the Guardian. It was a perfunctory end for a television institution that, over two decades, made British archaeology more accessible and popular than ever.

Why did Time Team get Cancelled?

Cancellation. In 2012, Aston announced he was leaving the show after criticising format changes that focused less on archaeological activities. Channel 4 subsequently announced that the final Time Team series would be broadcast in 2013.

Why does Time Team have 3 days?

Each week, the producers send a team of professional archaeologists on a dig somewhere in the U.K. , and they ratchet up the tension and drama for viewers by giving the excavators a huge deadline –three days to complete the entire dig.

What is Raksha Dave doing now?

In July 2021 CBA announced that Dave had taken up the three-year presidency of the organisation. She is a co-founder of the archaeological social-enterprise DigVentures. Dave is a research affiliate of the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.

What happened to Matt from Time Team?

Field Archaeologist Matt unearthed his ‘find of a lifetime’ – a rare engraving of ancient Ogham script – on Time Team, and we’re delighted that he is returning for our 2021 digs. Matt is now RSPB Reserves Archaeologist and runs his own heritage consultancy.

Why is Tony Robinson not on the new Time Team?

Show creator Tim Taylor has since confirmed they will begin work on two new YouTube episodes, with two more in the pipeline, last month. Speaking to, Tony said he won’t be returning due to other work commitments.

Is Dr Phil Harding married?

Last month retired doctor Philip Harding and retired matron Margie Mickan tied the knot after a whirlwind romance. They’d first met during an ABC TV interview in September 2017.

What happened to Stewart on Time Team?

He has worked on a number of archaeological sites in Britain and abroad. He joined the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now part of English Heritage) in 1985, and is now head of its Landscape Investigation Team based in York, England.

What happened to Phil from time team?

Whilst not filming Phil still works as a field archaeologist with Wessex Archaeology, and has been involved in a project listing all known Palaeolithic sites in Britain.

What happened to carenza Lewis?

An expert in Medieval rural settlement, Carenza is currently Professor for the Public Understanding of Research at University of Lincoln. In 2020, Carenza founded Dig School with the CBA, University of Lincoln and Historic England.