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Are Wolfhounds good family dogs?

Are Wolfhounds good family dogs?

Once bred for hunting wolves, they are now calm and slow loyal companions. Affectionately known as a gentle giant due to their sweet temperament, an Irish Wolfhound makes a great family pet. They are great with children as well as other pets if socialised from a young age. Irish Wolfhounds aren’t great watch dogs.

What was the Irish wolfhound used for?

Irish Wolfhounds were highly coveted in the early centuries, because they were excellent hunters, guardians, and companions. You can guess from his name that the Irish Wolfhound is a wolf hunter. He has also been used to hunt wild boar and deer.

Are Irish Wolfhounds calm?

The AKC Standard says, “Of great size and commanding appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is remarkable in combining power and swiftness with sight.” This gentle giant is sometimes calm and dignified, sometimes playful and silly, always easygoing and reliable.

How much do Irish Wolfhounds cost?

To purchase an Irish Wolfhound for a qualified breeder, you can expect to pay at least $1,400 to $2,500. Dogs with extensive pedigrees and champion bloodlines often cost more. You can find dogs for cheaper, but these are typically not high-quality and may be prone to health problems.

Do Wolfhounds shed?

Grooming. Irish Wolfhounds have a double coat that consists of a harsh, wiry outer coat covering a soft undercoat. They shed throughout the year, but not to an excessive degree. A thorough brushing once a week or so will help to remove dirt and loose hair and keep the dog looking his best..

Are Irish Wolfhounds hard to train?

An Irish Wolfhound should not be aggressive. They are simply too big. Any aggressiveness should be promptly evaluated to rule out a medical cause before consulting a behaviorist. IW puppies should be confident in all situations and easy to train in basic behaviors like housetraining.

Are Irish Wolfhounds aggressive?

An Irish Wolfhound should not be aggressive. They are simply too big. Positive reinforcement training is the most effective way to train a Wolfhound. They do not respond well to harsh corrections, often simply “shutting down.” Despite their size they are very sensitive dogs.

How big do Wolfhounds get?

30-35 inches
Irish Wolfhound

height 30-35 inches
weight 105-180 pounds
life span 6-10 years
breed size extra large (101 lbs. or more)
good with children seniors dogs cats families

Do Irish Wolfhounds like to cuddle?

Irish Wolfhound The tallest of all dogs, Irish Wolfhounds are famous for their staggering stature. An Irish Wolfhound loves to be petted and will never shy away from cuddling. In fact, you will feel extremely safe and loved while you are snuggling this large dog.

Are Irish Wolfhounds easy to train?

Irish Wolfhounds are easy to train and do best with positive reinforcement, but in their first year they can be clumsy and slow to mature. They do not endure kenneling or confinement well if left for a long time.

Do Irish Wolfhound shed?

Do Irish Wolfhounds run away?

Like all sighthounds, Irish wolfhounds love to chase animals that are running away from them, and they can take their time responding to your calls to come back. Their great size is usually enough to scare away intruders; this is fortunate, as most Irish wolfhounds are pacifists and not great protection dogs.