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Can I drink wine on a low iodine diet?

Can I drink wine on a low iodine diet?

All vegetable oils, including soy oil. o Sodas (except with Red Dye #3), cola, diet cola, non-instant coffee, non-instant tea, beer, wine, other alcoholic beverages, lemonade, fruit juices.

What foods and drinks contain iodine?

What foods provide iodine?

  • Fish (such as cod and tuna), seaweed, shrimp, and other seafood, which are generally rich in iodine.
  • Dairy products (such as milk, yogurt, and cheese), which are major sources of iodine in American diets.
  • Iodized salt, which is readily available in the United States and many other countries*

Does beer have iodine in it?

Two sorts of beer had a high iodine content, up to 240 μg/l. The iodine content of all other beverages was 5 – 38 μg/l. Conclusions.

Does wine have iodine in it?

The iodine concentrations in red wine ranged from 0.9 to 28.6 μgal, while that in red wine from France ranged from 0.9 to 6.2 μgal. The red wine from South Africa had an iodine concentration appreciably above the others (28.6 μgal), and the second highest con- centration was found in wine from Australia (9.0 μgal).

Do eggs have iodine?

On average, one large egg contains 24 mcg of iodine, or 16% of the daily value ( 6 , 24). Summary The majority of iodine in eggs is found in the yolk. On average, one large egg provides 16% of the daily recommended amount.

Does wine have iodine?

Does coffee contain iodine?

In contrast, the iodine content in coffee was found to be lower than that in water. The iodine concentration in organic milk was found to be lower than that in non-organic milk (P ` 0.001; Table 3).

Does coffee have iodine in it?

Iodine-free spices. Vegetable oils. Soft drinks, coffee, tea.

What can I eat for breakfast on a low iodine diet?

Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with toast

  • 4 egg whites.
  • 2 slices of homemade bread or low iodine bread.
  • a pinch of black pepper and non-iodized kosher salt.