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Can I start a sentence with as per?

Can I start a sentence with as per?

As-per sentence example A starting point might be to use the reductionism inherent in medicine as per Table 2. When necessary, customer refunds should be paid when services or products are not delivered as per agreement. Meanwhile cook the couscous as per the packet instructions and set aside, keeping warm.

Is it bad to start a sentence with by?

Starting a sentence with by is fine. The subordinate phrase is a prepositional one which acts as an adverb to modify the verb consume. It is an adverb of manner answering the question starting with how.

Is it correct to say as per?

The choice of which to use (or avoid) is entirely a matter of taste. The more ponderous as per is often found in business and legal prose, or in writing that attempts to adopt a formal tone. It is not incorrect to use, but some find it overly legalistic and counsel avoiding it for that reason.

How do you start a sentence with as?

“As” at the Beginning of a Sentence Just plug in the specifics for your own job: “As a whatever, I do whatever.” A home inspector might say, “As a home inspector, I have to watch out for bats in the attic.”

Is as per usual correct?

Is it correct to say as per usual. In proper English, no. In the correct English, you’ll need to say “as usual” or “as per the usual” or “per the usual”. “Per usual” and “as per usual” should be avoided in formal writing.

Is it correct to say as per your request?

Both ‘as per your request’ and ‘per your request’ are grammatically correct and widely used in written English. What is this? ‘As per your request’ might seem pretty old-fashioned to some. Using something like ‘as you requested’ is a more modern way of saying ‘as per your request’ and might sound less ‘cumbersome’.

Why do we use as?

We use as to introduce two events happening at the same time. After as with this meaning, we usually use a simple (rather than continuous) form of the verb: As the show increases in popularity, more and more tickets are sold daily. When you get older, moving house gets harder.

What should I say instead of as?


  • as.
  • as long as.
  • because.
  • being.
  • considering.
  • inasmuch as.
  • now.
  • since. whereas.

How do you use the word as per?

If something happens as per a particular plan or suggestion, it happens in the way planned or suggested. When they reach here they complain that they are not being paid as per the agreement. I approached an Intourist official, as per instructions.

Is as per formal?

Senior Member. The more formal ones are as per and in according with. According to is more informal.

Where do we use as?

We use as with a noun to refer to the role or purpose of a person or thing: I worked as a waiter when I was a student. Most of us did. The Daily Telegraph appointed Trevor Grove as its Sunday editor.

How do you use the word as?

  1. As can be used in the following ways:
  2. as a conjunction (connecting two clauses): As I was leaving, the phone rang.
  3. as a preposition (followed by a noun): He works as a waiter.
  4. as an adverb (followed by an adjective, an adverb, or a word such as ‘much’ or ‘many’): Nylon is cheaper than leather, and it’s just as strong.