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Can Rex rabbits eat alfalfa hay?

Can Rex rabbits eat alfalfa hay?

There’s no denying that hay is a super important part of any rabbit’s diet. High-quality hay has lots of fiber to keep your bun’s digestive system going and is fantastically yummy (to say the least). While Timothy hay is the classic choice, but alfalfa hay for rabbits is also a healthy choice.

Is alfalfa bad for rabbits?

HAY: Hay is the most important part of your rabbit’s diet. Alfalfa hay is fine for young bunnies but is not the correct choice for adult rabbits, especially if it is being used along with pellets (which are already high in alfalfa hay).

How long should bunnies eat alfalfa?

A baby rabbit from birth to about seven weeks should be nursing from its mother. While still nursing, Alfalfa Hay should be introduced starting at about three weeks and should continue until about six months of age. Alfalfa Hay contains high protein, fiber and calcium.

How much alfalfa should I feed my rabbit?

Most veterinarians recommend feeding young rabbits 1/8 to 1/4 Cup of alfalfa pellets. I have had some young rabbits where I could leave a full bowl of pellets out and the they would still eat plenty of Alfalfa hay while other rabbits hog them down.

When should rabbits stop eating alfalfa?

If you are feeding alfalfa it’s a good idea to feed it mixed with grass hay. This stops your rabbits getting so hooked on alfalfa that it’s difficult to make the transition to grass hay when they reach adulthood. You should phase out alfalfa at around four to five months old.

Is timothy hay and alfalfa the same?

Alfalfa hay and timothy hay are different nutritionally Alfalfa hay and timothy hay are both forage sources commonly used in rabbit and guinea pig diets. Nutritionally speaking, however, they are very different. Alfalfa contains higher concentrations of protein and calcium compared to timothy hay (Table 1).

Is alfalfa and hay the same thing?

There are quite a few different types of hay that people feed to horses, but hay generally falls into one of two categories – legumes and grasses. Alfalfa hay, sometimes called lucerne hay, is the most popular legume hay fed to horses in the U.S., while timothy and orchard are popular grass hay choices.

Is alfalfa good for baby rabbits?

Young rabbits, under approximately 7-8 months old, should be fed alfalfa pellets and alfalfa hay free-choice; they need the extra protein and calcium as they grow. They, too, can have a variety of vegetables.

What age should bunnies stop eating alfalfa?

What is the difference between Timothy hay and alfalfa?

Alfalfa hay is typically higher in protein and essential nutrients than timothy hay, making Alfalfa a better option for more active animals that need a high protein diet. However, Timothy hay is higher in fiber and has better calcium to phosphorous ratio than Alfalfa.

What is the difference between timothy hay and alfalfa?

Is fresh alfalfa good for rabbits?

Alfalfa, or lucerne, is a rich source of calcium, protein and fiber for bunnies and in general it’s more enjoyable to them than Meadow or Timothy grass hays. It provides high energy levels and it’s a good overall source of minerals and vitamins.