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Did Harry Potter have a choice?

Did Harry Potter have a choice?

Harry awoke in Limbo to find himself lying naked in a formless mist. As a soul that was whole and complete, Harry was given the choice to return to the world of the living to finally stop Voldemort, or to metaphorically “board a train” and go into the afterlife. He chose to live, bidding farewell to Dumbledore.

What did Harry want to be when he grew up?

Harry fulfilled his dream of becoming an Auror and eventually rose to the top of the department before heading up the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He has also followed in his godfather Sirius’ footsteps, acting as a father figure to Teddy Lupin, child of the late Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.

Why was Harry Potter the most wanted?

History. From 1997-1998, Harry Potter was marked Undesirable No. 1, ostensibly for involvement in the murder of Albus Dumbledore. This made him the most sought-after wizard by the government.

Why did Harry Potter want the prophecy?

He wanted the prophecy so that he could know fully what it said, in case it held any information that would have helped him. He was aware he had only heard part of the details, and given the “defeat” by Baby-Harry, was keen to know the rest in case it gave him a clue how to avoid a repeat of that outcome.

Why did Voldemort give Lily a chance?

It was intentional: Voldemort wanted Harry to know that he gave Lily the chance to live. He wants to understand that because of him (Harry), Lily made the conscience decision to die, rather than hand her son over to death.

Did any of the Harry Potter cast dating in real life?

Matthew Lewis The actor was linked to Shinead Husband in 2011 and teacher Alison Wynd in 2012. He began dating blogger Angela Jones in 2016, and the two tied the knot in May 2018.

Who was undesirable No 3 in Harry Potter?

Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley Undesirable No. 3 The Deathly Hallows – Google Images | Cartaz harry potter, Harry potter elenco, Sala de aula harry potter.

How many gallons for Harry Potter wanted?

Voldemort was offering 200,000 galleons for the capture of Harry and his wand.

Could the prophecy have been about Neville?

Harry Potter Movies Forgot Neville Could Have Been The Chosen One. Sybill Trelawney’s prophecy said that the one powerful enough to defeat Lord Voldemort would be that born to those who “thrice defied him”, born as the seventh month dies, and would be marked by Voldemort as his equal.

What’s the future of the characters in Harry Potter?

The future of the characters in the Harry Potter books didn’t end with the epilogue, set nineteen years after book seven. In the years since the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling has revealed a number of tidbits of information about the Wizarding World.

What did Harry Potter do after he left Hogwarts?

Harry Potter: He became Head of the Auror Office in the Ministry and later had two sons and a daughter. Hermione Granger: She went back to Hogwarts to complete her NEWTs and works for the department of Control of Magical Creatures and later transfered in the Magical Law Enforcement.

How old is Harry Potter when he becomes an Auror?

Harry Potter: Becomes an Auror at the ripe young age of 17, becoming the youngest Auror in history. And with no NEWTs. He is eventually promoted to being the Head Auror, and also teaches occasional DADA lectures.

How long has it been since Harry Potter defeated Voldemort?

I t’s officially been 19 years since Harry Potter defeated Voldemort to end the Second Wizarding War, which means this year’s Battle of Hogwarts anniversary is the last before the events of The Deathly Hallows epilogue — and subsequently, The Cursed Child play — take place.