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Do you need a heater control valve?

Do you need a heater control valve?

That’s why it is surprising for some people to learn that the heater control valve is a necessary part of how the heater works because it allows coolant to pass from the engine itself through the car heater where it’s able to warm you up. Any car engine is built to be as efficient as it possibly can be.

Why does the heat in my car only work when the car is moving?

When your vehicle is in motion and driving down the road, then engine coolant temperature tends to get hotter on the engine before it gets to the radiator, so the heater will naturally heat up more when driving around. Top off the coolant if its low.

How do you know if your heater core is clogged?

Heater core failure symptoms

  1. Weak or no airflow.
  2. Cold air (not warm) coming through the vents when the heater is on.
  3. Coolant leakage visible inside the cabin or a damp smell.

Why does my 6th generation Ford Fiesta overheat?

In rare cases, it has been reported that the exhaust manifold on sixth-generation Fiestas can come loose, which can lead to hot gasses leaking into the engine bay and potentially causing overheating – or in worse cases melting plastic components such as the cooling fan moulding.

Are there any problems with the 5th generation Ford Fiesta?

In general, there aren’t any major common faults with the Duratec and Duratorq engines in the fifth-generation Fiesta, but of course, there will be some that have not had the easiest of lives in terms of maintenance and use. One thing to watch out for is a problematic water pump.

When did the Ford Fiesta ST come out?

As before, there were three and five-door body styles and the Fiesta ST arrived in 2012. More recently, Ford introduced a special edition Fiesta ST200, with even more power and some styling updates unique to that model.