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How did Beth March get sick?

How did Beth March get sick?

Beth contracts scarlet fever after she volunteers to nurse the sick children of the Hummels, her poor German neighbors. While she initially recovers, she is permanently weakened by the illness and eventually dies from complications.

What chapter in Little Women does Beth get sick?

Summary — Chapter 19: Amy’s Will During Beth’s illness, Amy has a hard time living with Aunt March. Though Aunt March likes Amy, she makes her niece work very hard. For consolation, Amy turns to the servant, Esther, who tells her stories and plays with her among Aunt March’s old dresses and jewelry.

Which march sister writes a will after Beth becomes sick?

That Amy writes out a will, leaving her treasured possessions to her beloved family and friends, demonstrates her ability to blend generosity with regard for material things.

What did Beth and Amy have to complain about?

Meanwhile, Beth complains about having to do the housekeeping, and Amy complains that she does not have a nice nose. The girls decide that they will each buy themselves a present in order to brighten their Christmas. Soon, however, they change their minds and resolve to buy presents for their mother, Marmee, instead.

Does Laurie really love Amy?

She is eventually successful in doing this, and Laurie falls in love with her. The author’s intention seems to be to show that, while Laurie does not stop loving Jo, he really does love Amy, and that after she becomes his wife, his love for her continues to grow stronger.

Does Jo March love Laurie?

In the books, Jo never likes Laurie romantically and his romantic interest only makes Jo feel uncomfortable. Not only does their dynamics change because Jo doesn´t want to fit into the traditional female role of the time but because Laurie fits into the traditional 19th-century male role almost too well.

What disease did Beth March have?

Death. Later in the book, she developed scarlet fever, which is caused by a bacterial infection, resulting in a rash, loss of skin and weakening of the immune system. She survived the initial illness, but eventually the after-effects took their toll and toward the end of the book, Beth fell ill again.

What did Beth March have?

In the film — based on Louisa May Alcott’s debut novel — the third March daughter Beth catches scarlet fever when she goes to care for the impoverished Hummel family, whose baby is sick from the disease (also called scarlatina).

Does Amy marry Laurie?

He gives Beth the girl’s piano. Theodore “Laurie” Laurence – A rich young man who lives opposite the Marches, older than Jo but younger than Meg. He later falls in love with Amy and they marry; they have one child, a little girl named after Beth: Elizabeth “Bess” Laurence.

Does Laurie love Amy?

What kind of person was Mrs March?

Mrs. March is essentially the perfect mother: she works hard but is never too busy to console and counsel her daughters; she cheerfully does charitable work and helps out with the war effort; she’s an ideal housekeeper, a loving mother, and a highly principled woman.

What was the surprise given by the mother to the March sisters?

Ans. When the four sisters assembled near their mother, she announced she had a surprise for them. Mr March’s letter was a cheerful, hopeful letter which was full of lively description of camp life, marches and military news.