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How do you beat the last race in Duck Life 3?

How do you beat the last race in Duck Life 3?

The final race against the Boss requires the duck to be leveled up completely. There are Domo-kuns in the way which can be destroyed by clicking them. When touched, they do something unpleasant to the duck. The supreme duck is now dark gray and the champion is white.

What is the best duck in duck life evolution?

The althletic duck is the tallest duck in Duck Life 3. It has long and strong legs, making it an expert runner. Its first evolution is yellow, the second evolution is lime green (chartreuse) and known as the lanky duck, and the third evolution is green, known as the athletic duck.

Is there a duck life 6?

Duck Life 6 Space is a duck racing game with a galactic story and theme. Enjoy a plethora of new mini-games and races along the way.

What is the max level in Duck life?

Running will be an important part of every race you enter, so we recommend increasing your running stat to the maximum level of 150. At max running, even with lower skill levels in other abilities, you can still often win a race just by speeding ahead during the running sections.

When did Duck Life 2 come out?

Duck Life 2: World Champion is the second installment in the Duck Life series, launched on July 13th, 2010.

When did Duck Life 1 release?

Duck Life is the first game in the DuckLife Video Game series, released in 1999 for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. In this game, you train your duck so you can win races for money to save the farm.

How do you beat duck life?

Flying training Over time, you lose speed and eventually land in the water. you can control your duck to fly up and down to collect coins by using the up and down arrows on PC, and touching the top and bottom of the screen on Android. If you go down too soon, then you could hit the water and the game will end early.

What is the max level in Duck Life 1?