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How do you get to Marleybone in wizard101?

How do you get to Marleybone in wizard101?

First of all, you need to finish Krokotopia(fight Krokopatra and everything),and then you have to talk to Sergeant Major Talbot. He then gives you the Spiral Key to Marleybone.

Why can’t I go to Marleybone?

Just as you had to complete your required quests in Wizard City before you were given the Spiral Key to Krokotopia, so must you complete your required quests in Krokotopia before you will be given the Spiral Key to Marleybone.

What level is Marleybone wizard101?

Re: What Level Recommended For Marleybone? Going by the 10-interval general rule for worlds (of course this is generalized and typical does not work perfectly), wizard city 1-10, krokotopia 10-20, marleybone 20-30, mooshu 30-40, dragonspyre 40-50, celestia 50-60, and so on…

How do you get to Krokotopia in wizard101?

To get to Krokotopia, you must complete all of the main storyline quests in Wizard City. – defeating Lord Nightshade. Good luck and happy wizarding!

How many quests are there in Marleybone?

Marleybone has 50 quests. It has 22 bosses; the biggest one being against Meowiarty. There is only 2 Defeat and Collect quests, but 24 regular mob fights (18 of which are in the last three instances).

How many worlds are there in wizard101?

Adding in Azteca, Wysteria, and Grizzleheim, we have a total of 24 worlds.

What level does Krokotopia unlock?

level 13-23
It truly depends rather you did just he main-questing, or the side questing with it, but you should enter krokotopia near level 13-23.

What’s after Krokotopia?

the world after Krokotopia is Marlybone. Then comes moo shu and then Dragonspyre.

What level should you start Marleybone?

Regular level – I was level 50 when I started questing in MB, and I didn’t find it to be too difficult at all. However, from what I hear and have seen, Aquila is much more difficult. So my suggestion would be to be somewhere between level 48-50 when you start Marleybone.

What level should you enter Marleybone?

Completing All the quests in Grizzelheim and Wysteria should put you around Level 33-35. Levels 30 and 35 will grant you access to better gear from the Bazaar, making it easier to solo Marleybone.

Do you need membership for Krokotopia?

*Must be a member or have crowns because you need to go into zones, which cost crowns. (or if you’re a member, the zones will act as a regular place, with no fees of paying crowns, which are also the currency in Wizard101 and its sister game, Pirate101). *Must complete Cyclops Lane and Firecat Alley.

How do I get to Krokotopia?

To Get to Krokotopia you would have to beat unicorn way to get to olde town and in olde town a guard will ask you to complete Firecat alley, Cyclops Lane , and Triton avenue. You must have membership to go into Firecat and Cyclops.