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How do you say happy birthday in te reo?

How do you say happy birthday in te reo?

How do you say Happy Birthday in Māori? Rā Whānau kia koe is the most common way to say ‘happy birthday’ in Te Reo Māori.

How do you say Steven in Maori?

1. (loan) (personal name) Stephen, Stevens, Stephenson, St Stephen’s School (Bombay, Auckland).

What is Mauiui?

māuiui. 1. (verb) to be weary, sick, fatigued, sickly. Haere mai ki ahau, e koutou katoa e māuiui ana, e taimaha ana, ā māku koutou e whakaokioki (PT Matiu 11:28). / Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (modifier) sickly, fatigued, weary.

What does ra whanau?

birthday date. More meanings for rā whānau. birthday noun.

What is pouri?

English Translation. dark. More meanings for pōuri. darkness noun.

What does mawiwi mean in Maori?

English Translation. suffering. More meanings for māuiui. ill adjective.

Which is the best way to say happy in Maori?

How to say happy in Maori. happy. Maori Translation. hari. More Maori words for happy. hari adjective. happy. tokamāhurehure.

What does the Maori word Yours Sincerely mean?

Nāku (noa), nā [your name] = yours sincerely [your name] from one person; Nā māua (noa), nā [your names] = yours sincerely [your names] – from two people; Nā mātou (noa), nā [your names or group name] = yours sincerely [your names or group name] – from more than two people

How to say Congratulations in Korero Maori language?

Congratulations Nga mihi nui ki a korua, na (ingoa)Congratulations and best wishes to you both, from (name)Nga mihi nui me te aroha, na (ingoa)Congratulations and love from (name)Nga mihi nui me te aroha nuiCongratulations and best wishesTena ra korua i roto i nga mihi me te aroha nuiCongratulations and love to you both

What do you call Maori people in New Zealand?

Kaumātuaelder or elders, senior people in a kin group Ngāi Tātoua term for everyone present – ‘we all’ Pākehāthis word is not an insult; its derivation is obscure; it is the Māori word for people living in New Zealand of British/European origin; originally it would not have included, for example, Dalmatians, Italians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese