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How do you say WTF in Dutch?

How do you say WTF in Dutch?

“WTF” in Dutch

  1. wat.

How do you say messages in Dutch?

message → bericht, bekendmaking, kennisgeving, tijding, verwittiging, mare, informatie, inlichting, terechtwijzing, SMS.

What is quote in Dutch?

quote → aanhalen, citeren, quoteren. quote → citaat, aanhalingsteken, bestek, prijsopgave, aanhaling, quote. quote → citeren, noemen, aanhalingsteken.

How do you greet a Dutch person?

Dutch Culture

  1. The common greeting in the Netherlands is a handshake along with a nod of the head.
  2. Among friends and family, it is common to greet one another by kissing on alternating cheeks three times.
  3. Take both your hands out of your pockets if you shake someone’s hand.

How do you swear in the Netherlands?

How to swear in Dutch

  1. Godverdomme. Godverdomme is probably the first Dutch swear word any Dutch person will teach you.
  2. Kut.
  3. Krijg de k(o)lere!
  4. Kijk uit je doppen, trut!
  5. Dutch swear words: Opzoute(n)!
  6. Klap voor je kanis, klap voor je bek.
  7. Ben je gek?
  8. Kapsoneslijer.

What are some Dutch words?

Basic Dutch Phrases

Good Morning Goedemorgen khoo-duh-mawr-ghuh
Good Evening Goedenavond khoo-duh-nah-fohnt
Good Night Goedenacht khoo-duh-nahkht
Hi / Bye Hoi / Hallo / Daag / Doei hoy / hah-loh / dahk / doo-ee
Goodbye Tot ziens toht zeens

How do people greet in Amsterdam?

Hello and Other Greetings

  1. Hallo (“HAH low”)—Hello. Universal greeting for hello (and by far the easiest to say).
  2. Hoi (“hoy”)—Hi. Used more often with people you know.
  3. Goedemorgen (“KHOO duh MORE khen”)—Good morning.
  4. Goedenmiddag (“KHOO duh midakh”)—Good afternoon.
  5. Goedenavond (“KHOO dun AH fohnt”)—Good evening.

How to wish someone a happy birthday in Dutch?

Other than just singing the ‘Happy birthday song’ in Dutch, there are many other ways to wish someone a happy birthday. Gefeliciteerd! Happy birthday! Ik hoop dat je een fijne verjaardag hebt! I hope you have a nice birthday! Nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid. Many happy returns in good health.

How are you in Dutch English or Dutch?

How are you in Dutch English Dutch How are you? Hoe gaat het (met je / u)? How are you? (formal) Hoe maakt u het? All right? Alles goed? Fine, and you? Goed, met jou?

What’s the correct way to say hello in Dutch?

There are several ways to say ‘hello’ in Dutch. The greeting you use depends on the time of the day and on how well you know the person. Leuk je te ontmoeten. Have a question?