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How do you spell Carrickalinga?

How do you spell Carrickalinga?

Rocky outcrops for rock pooling.

Who is normanville named after?

Normanville was established by South Australia’s first dentist, Robert Norman, in 1849.

How do you get to carrickalinga rock pools?

To find this rock pool, at low tide head to the northern part of Carrickalinga beach where you will see a path the runs along some houses. Follow this and it will take you along the beach where there are a few small private coves and rocky areas you can jump off.

How did carrickalinga get its name?

According to Geoff Manning, the name is “a corruption of the name of a former Aboriginal camp on section 1018 meaning ‘place for redgum firewood'”.

What council is normanville?

Yankalilla District Council
Normanville Foreshore | Yankalilla District Council.

How many people live in carrickalinga?


Carrickalinga South Australia
Population 364 (2016 census)
Established 1958
Postcode(s) 5204
Location 61 km (38 mi) South of Adelaide

Can you swim at Innes National Park?

What’s Innes National Park’s best kept secret? While it’s growing in popularity, the Blue Pool located at the north end of Shell beach is a stunning place for a swim.

Where are the rock pools in Innes National Park?

Shell Beach
Shell Beach, Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula From there take a short walk down to the beach, turn right (East) and walk to the end of the sand. Then follow the rocks around the next headland. You will need to rock hop for approx 300m, but eventually you will find the AMAZING rock pools of Shell Beach.

What does Kongorong mean?

Kongorong: Aboriginal word meaning “place of swans”

Which council is myponga?

District Council of Yankalilla
It was created on 23 October 1856, when the District Council of Yankalilla and Myponga was divided into two….District Council of Yankalilla.

District Council of Yankalilla South Australia
Area 750.6 km2 (289.8 sq mi)
Mayor Glen Rowlands
Council seat Yankalilla
Region Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island

What council is Cape Jervis in?

Contact | Yankalilla District Council.