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How does Parvana help her father in the breadwinner?

How does Parvana help her father in the breadwinner?

In this chapter, Parvana takes over the job her father used to have. She goes to market, sits on the blanket, and reads and writes for people. She tried to sell a few items, and then she shops for food.

How is Parvana helpful?

Parvana as Kaseem After Father is kidnapped and imprisoned by the Taliban, Mother has a great idea: they’ll dress Parvana as a boy so she can walk about the marketplace freely. This way she can get food and earn some money for the family; it will be great.

What happens in chapter 15 of Parvana?

Parvana is thrilled to have Father home, even though he looks a wreck. The men found him outside of the prison apparently—Father had been released, but couldn’t get around—so the men brought him home. Parvana thanks them. She just wants to lie down and cling to Father, but Mrs.

How did Parvana’s father lose his leg?

Father tells the Taliban that Parvana’s the only one that can help him walk since he lost part of his leg when the school he used to teach in was bombed. It’s best to be “invisible” (1.8) because the Taliban like to beat and whip women.

What is the name of Parvana father?

Father called Parvana “Malali” because Malali was a heroine in Afghanistan who helped to lead an army into battle. He wanted her to be strong, like Malali, while he was gone. 3.

What does Parvana miss her father?

Parvana misses the sound of Father snoring; his presence has always helped her feel safe. She worries about him in prison—he’s joining lots of other people they know in there. Parvana tells her mother to put a lamp in the window so he can find his way home if they let him go—but walking may be a problem for him.

Where were Parvana and her father going?

Mrs. Weera, Homa, and Parvana nurse him back to health, and Parvana and her father leave for Mazar, hidden in the back of a truck, to search for their family in the refugee camps.

What happens in chapter 13 of the breadwinner?

There is no life for her in Kabul, but in Mazar she will be free from burqas and babysitting. For Nooria, it’s a no-brainer. While Parvana is out at the market bringing home the bacon, the family makes plans. They will travel to Mazur and stay with an aunt, then after the wedding in October, they will return to Kabul.

Where are Parvana and her father going and why?

Mrs. Weera, Homa, and Parvana nurse Father back to health, and Parvana feels proud to work to provide Father with the medicine he needs. Mrs. Weera hears that people in Mazar have all left and are living in refugee camps, so Father decides that he and Parvana will go to find their family.

What did Parvana’s father end up selling because the offer was too good?

What did Parvana’s father end up selling because the offer was too good? Parvana’s father sold his wooden leg because there was a good offer.

How has Parvana’s family changed in 10 years?

How has life changed for Parvana and her family in ten years? Life changed Parvana because she doesent go to school anymore. Also she has moved many many times in her life. its been 1 and a half years since she’s been to school.

How old is nooria?

Nooria is Parvana’s 17-year-old sister. Nooria and Parvana’s relationship is strained because of their age difference and because Nooria seems, to Parvana, to be a fully-fledged adult—and a beautiful one at that. The girls often insult each other’s intelligence or appearance.