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How does the main character change in the outsiders?

How does the main character change in the outsiders?

Ponyboy grows into more of an adult after talking with Cherry Valance and beginning to understand that everyone faces problems and people are not so different. By the end of the novel, after Ponyboy has witnessed the deaths of Bob Sheldon and Johnny, he has completely lost his innocence.

What characters change in the outsiders?

The Soc boy, Randy, really has a change in perspective by the end of the novel. When The Outsiders begins, Randy is Bob’s best friend and one of the gang members that attack Johnny and Ponyboy as they walk through the park. Bob’s untimely death forces Randy to reevaluate many of his life choices.

What changes Johnny the outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Johnny changes from a quiet, fearful boy into a courageous, outspoken teenager who is willing to speak his mind and sacrifice himself for others. Throughout the novel, Johnny develops a significant amount of confidence and self-esteem.

What are the five most important events in the outsiders?

The Ten Major Events in The Outsiders

  • The greasers and Socs take it out; fight at a rumble in a lot.
  • Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis get jumped by Socs.
  • After the rumble, Dally and Ponyboy go to the hospital to visit Johnny, a very sick burned greaser.
  • Darry hits Ponyboy.
  • Ponyboy Curtis Gets jumped.

How did Ponyboy change in the book the outsiders?

How does Ponyboy and Darry relationship change?

In The Outsiders, the relationship between Darry and Ponyboy improves once Johnny is taken to the hospital after the church fire. Once Pony leaves the hospital, Darry becomes more understanding and sympathetic toward him. While their relationship is far from perfect, Pony values and cherishes Darry.

Who changed most in the outsiders?

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem has changed the most because as the book goes on Jem grows older and starts to go into puberty as all boys do. Jem started changing at home when he was about twelve years old and at first he just wanted to be alone all the time.

How does sodapop change in the outsiders?

Sodapop affects his brothers by being nurturing enough to understand exactly what each of them needs–Ponyboy needs someone to listen to him, while Darry benefits most from having someone remind him not to be too serious all the time.

What did Johnny Cade love?

Ponyboy tells the readers, “If it hadn’t been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are.” Johnny idolizes gang member Dallas Winston. Dally is living proof that one can survive without parents or family.

Is Johnny Cade innocent or guilty?

Johnny Cade is guilty of manslaughter in the death of Bob Sheldon. The accused and main character in the S. E. Hinton novel The Outsiders was sent up the river for four years to Collins Bay Penitentiary Thursday during a mock trial at Gananoque Secondary School (GSS).

What are the 4 main events in the outsiders?

Key Events In The Outsiders (1st Key Event: Ponyboy gets jumped, gets…

  • Key Events In The Outsiders.
  • 1st Key Event: Ponyboy gets jumped, gets saved by the gang.
  • 2nd Key Event: Ponyboy meet Cherry ad Marcia at the drive in movie cinema.
  • 3rd Key Event: Socs forces Cherry and Marcia into their car.

What are 3 major events in the outsiders?

IMPORTANT EVENTS IN THE OUTSIDERS Pony and Darry argue, and Darry hits Pony; Pony runs from the house into the night, where he meets up with Johnny. Pony and Johnny are attacked by Socs in the park; when Johnny sees that Pony is about to be drowned, he stabs and kills Bob Sheldon.