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How long did Giovanni Boccaccio live?

How long did Giovanni Boccaccio live?

Giovanni Boccaccio
Born 16 June 1313 Certaldo, Republic of Florence
Died 21 December 1375 (aged 62) Certaldo, Republic of Florence
Occupation Writer, poet
Nationality Italian

When was the Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio written?

The Decameron/Date written
Boccaccio’s book, written between 1348 and 1353, has been acclaimed as an exemplar of vernacular literary prose, and a commentary on the “peste” that swept through Europe that year.

What did Giovanni Boccaccio contribute to the renaissance?

Boccaccio’s work was a shift away from Medieval Romances to literary realism. He demonstrated that prose could capture the complexity of humans and their situations, and while poetry remained the dominant mode of literary expression, after the Decameron, literary prose became more popular and widely accepted.

What is Giovanni Boccaccio discussing?

Giovanni Boccaccio was a contemporary witness to the effects of the Black Death pandemic, the Yersinia pestis bacterial pandemic in Europe between the years 1346-53, causing 75 million to 200 million deaths across the continent alone.

Was Giovanni Boccaccio married?

1355 is also the year of little Violante’s death; she is one of at least five children of Boccaccio, all illegitimate (as far as we know, Boccaccio never married and, as we said, was ordained in 1360).

Who was Boccaccio in love with?

Boccaccio takes the prescribed rules for the game of courtly love from Andreas Cappelanus and breaks them all, with hilarious and tragic results. Almost all the stories are about love and lust (we’ll get to lust later).

Why is Decameron banned?

Boccaccio’s most famous work, the Decameron, was condemned by the Catholic Church and included in the index of Prohibited Books (Index librorum prohibitorum) in 1559 on the grounds of its “intolerable errors.” In the USA the work was banned until the 1930s. Boccaccio was born in Florence or Certaldo, June or July 1313.

Which framing story did Boccaccio use?

Il Decameron
The Decameron

Illustration from a ca. 1492 edition of Il Decameron published in Venice
Author Giovanni Boccaccio
Country Italy
Language Italian (Florentine)
Genre Frame story, novellas

What did Giovanni Boccaccio believe?

Boccaccio and the Renaissance. His humanism comprised not only classical studies and the attempt to rediscover and reinterpret ancient texts but also the attempt to raise literature in the modern languages to the level of the classical by setting standards for it and then conforming to those standards.

What did Giovanni Boccaccio?

The Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) is best known for the Decameron. For his Latin works and his role in reviving Hellenistic learning in Florence, he may be considered one of the early humanists. In this sense Boccaccio’s vernacular humanism contrasts with Petrarch’s classical humanism.

Why was Giovanni Boccaccio significant?

—died Dec. 21, 1375, Certaldo, Tuscany [Italy]), Italian poet and scholar, best remembered as the author of the earthy tales in the Decameron. With Petrarch he laid the foundations for the humanism of the Renaissance and raised vernacular literature to the level and status of the classics of antiquity.

Was Giovanni Boccaccio rich or poor?

Last years. All these studies were pursued in poverty, sometimes almost in destitution, and Boccaccio had to earn most of his income by transcribing his own works or those of others. In 1363 poverty compelled him to retire to the village of Certaldo.