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How many cases of cyberbullying are there in the Philippines?

How many cases of cyberbullying are there in the Philippines?

In 2019, the number of cyberbullying incidents in the Philippines was highest for those in region 4-a, amounting to approximately 92.4 thousand victims. Cyberbullying or cyber libel also occurred more in the CARAGA region and the National Capital Region.

What country has the highest rate of cyberbullying?

The top 3 countries where cyberbullying is the most prevalent are India, Brazil, and the United States, but it is a common occurrence everywhere. Social media cyberbullying statistics show that over 65% of parents around the world cite cyberbullying on social media as one of their greatest worries.

What is cyberbullying essay?

It has given birth to cyberbullying. To put it simply, cyberbullying refers to the misuse of information technology with the intention to harass others. They take place on social media, public forums, and other online information websites. A cyberbully is not necessarily a stranger; it may also be someone you know.

How does cyberbullying impact mental health?

Cyberbullying can have negative impacts on the wellbeing and mental health of youths, who may be uncertain of what to do, leading some young people to feel isolated, scared or alone. The three top stressors for youths are: coping with stress; school and study challenges; and depression.

What country has the lowest rate of cyberbullying?

The Netherlands
The Netherlands emerged as one of the countries with the lowest rates of cybervictimization, although the rate was higher than the 4% reported for Dutch children in the “EU Kids Online” study [14].

How does cyberbullying affect people’s mental health?

Being targeted by a cyberbully may increase your child’s risk of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or even feelings of worthlessness.

What are the social effects of cyberbullying?

The literature suggests that cyberbullied victims generally manifest psychological problems such as depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, school phobias and social anxiety (Grene, 2003; Juvonen et al., 2003; Akcil, 2018).

Who has died from cyberbullying?

Ashley Lovelace (2002–2019), age 16, was a high school sophomore known as misslovelace on Instagram. On January 21, 2019, Ashley Lovelace died by suicide due to cyberbullying and depression.