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How many gears does a Mercedes truck have?

How many gears does a Mercedes truck have?

Power transmission is delivered by five different 16-speed gearboxes, each designed to perfectly match the engine output and provide the benefits of excellent gradeability and low manoeuvring speeds.

What is a Mercedes truck called?

Mercedes-Benz X-Class
Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

What is the difference between Actros and Axor?

The Mercedes Axor is the smaller brother of the Actros and even there is also a long haul model the truck was built especially for the light construction sites. Unlike its bigger sibling, the Axor is equipped with slightly weaker engines and has a more serene character.

What does Actros mean?

The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a heavy-duty truck introduced by Mercedes-Benz at the 1996 Commercial Vehicle IAA in Hanover, Germany as the replacement for the SK. It is normally used for long-distance haulage, heavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage.

How many gears does a Unimog have?

In the Unimog, the fully synchronised electro-pneumatic transmission (EPS) with its eight forward and six reverse gears provides the tractive power. A special off-road group is also available with an additional eight forward and eight reverse gears each for low driving speeds.

How much does a Mercedes-Benz truck cost?

How much does a Mercedes-Benz G-Class cost? The 2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class MSRP starts at $130,900* for the base model, with a higher trim level and packages that you can choose from.

Do Mercedes use Nissan engines?

Mercedes also will supply Nissan and Infiniti with four- and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines as well as automatic transmissions.

What is Axor truck?

Mercedes-Benz Axor is the designation for a truck series of the Mercedes-Benz Truck division of Daimler AG. The 12-liter OM 457 LA with 265 to 315 kW (360–428 hp) and 1850–2100 Nm is the biggest engine variant installed in the Axor.

What do Mercedes truck numbers mean?

Mercedes-Benz model numbers include the following information; the first two digits specify gross vehicle weight information, and the other two digits specify engine power information. For example 2551 means 25 metric ton, 510HP engine.

Where are Mercedes trucks made?

Press Contact (1) One out of every two trucks registered in Germany is a Mercedes-Benz vehicle built in Wörth. The vehicles manufactured at this truck plant, which is the biggest in the world, are delivered to approximately 150 countries around the globe.

How fast is a Mercedes Unimog?

A six-speed automatic handles reverse, where the Unimog can also hit its 56 mph top speed going backwards….Drivetrain, Engine and Brakes.

Engine 5.1-liter 16-valve Turbocharged Diesel I-4
Power (HP) 230
Torque (Pound-feet) 664
0-60 mph (Seconds) 18.8, est to 50 mph
Top Speed (MPH) 56, Limited in EU