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How many Municipality are there in Parbat?

How many Municipality are there in Parbat?

Having 2 municipalities and 5 rural municipalities there are 7 municipalities in Parbat district.

Which Pradesh is Parbat?

Gandaki Province
Parbat District

Parbat District पर्वत
Location of Parbat (dark yellow) in Gandaki Province
Country Nepal
Province Gandaki Province

Which zone is Parbat?

Dhaulagiri Zone
Parbat District is a district of Dhaulagiri Zone, administrative headquarters of Parbat district is Kusma, situated in Western Development Region of Nepal.

What is Parbat?

[ n ] a mountain in the Himalayas in Kashmir ( 26 , 660 feet high )

Which province is Baglung?

District Baglung District
Municipality Baglung Nagarpalika
Province Gandaki Province

What is Parbat famous for?

Parbat has a lots of tourism attractions like, Cable car, Saligram Sila, deepest suspension bridge and pligrimage destination. And it is upcoming tourism attraction with asia’s deepest bungee jump. More it has losts of historical spritual places like, Hampal, Kalanjar, Deurali, and rute to Khopra trekking.

Which province is Gandaki?

province 4
Amongst the 7 provinces in Nepal, province 4 (recently named as Gandaki Province) is one of the most promising provinces and more importantly, a renowned place for tourist destination for the people of Nepal as well as abroad.

What is the place with the smallest rainfall in Nepal?

Manang district
Manang district gets least amount of rainfall among districts of Nepal as it lies to the north of the Himalayas which blocks monsoon air.

How tall is Dhaulagiri?


Is Nanda Parbat a real place?

Nanda Parbat is a fictional city in the DC Comics universe. It first appeared in Strange Adventures #216 (February 1969), created by Neal Adams.

Which province is most populated Nepal?

Provinces of Nepal

Provinces of Nepal नेपालका प्रदेशहरू Nepal ka Pradesh haru
Number 7
Populations Smallest: Karnali, 1,570,418 Largest: Bagmati, 5,529,452
Areas Smallest: Province No. 2, 9,661 square kilometres (3,730 sq mi) Largest: Karnali, 27,984 square kilometres (10,805 sq mi)
Government Provincial government

Which province is Gorkha?

This article is written like a travel guide rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject.

Gorkha District गोरखा
Country Nepal
Province Gandaki Province
Established 12th century