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How many players enter the NBA draft?

How many players enter the NBA draft?

Sixty players
Sixty players are selected in each draft. No player may sign with the NBA until he has been eligible for at least one draft.

Who got drafted in 2010 NBA?


No. Team Player
1. Wizards John Wall
2. 76ers Evan Turner
3. Nets Derrick Favors
4. Timberwolves Wesley Johnson

Who was the best player in the 2010 NBA draft?

2010 NBA re-draft: The way it should have been

  • No. 1 pick: Paul George. Actual position: No.
  • No. 2 pick: John Wall. Actual position: No.
  • No. 3 pick: DeMarcus Cousins. Actual position: No.
  • No. 4 pick: Gordon Hayward.
  • No. 5 pick: Eric Bledsoe.
  • No. 6 pick: Derrick Favors.
  • No. 7 pick: Hassan Whiteside.
  • No. 8 pick: Evan Turner.

Did Kobe Bryant go to college?

Lower Merion High School
Kobe Bryant/Schools

How old is bronny?

17 years (October 6, 2004)
Bronny James/Age

James was born on October 6, 2004, to NBA All-Star player LeBron James, age 19, and his then-girlfriend Savannah Brinson, age 18. James was raised by both of his parents, and they married in 2013.

When was Wesley Johnson drafted?

2010 (Round: 1 / Pick: 4)
Wesley Johnson/NBA drafts

What year Klay Thompson was drafted?

2011 (Round: 1 / Pick: 11)
Klay Thompson/NBA drafts

When was Russell Westbrook drafted?

2008, Seattle Supersonics (Round: 1 / Pick: 4)
Russell Westbrook/NBA drafts

Did Michael Jordan go to college?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael Jordan/Schools

Did LeBron James go to college?

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School
LeBron James/Schools

How old is KD?

33 years (September 29, 1988)
Kevin Durant/Age

How old is Harden?

32 years (August 26, 1989)
James Harden/Age