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How many times did the Bears go to the Super Bowl?

How many times did the Bears go to the Super Bowl?

The Chicago Bears have appeared in the Super Bowl 3 times, in 1963, 1985 and 2006.

Have the Chicago Bears ever won the Super Bowl?

198646-10 – New England Patriots
Chicago Bears/NFL championships
On January 26, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Chicago Bears score a Super Bowl record number of points to defeat the New England Patriots, 46-10, and win their first championship since 1963.

When did Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl?

January 26, 1986
January 26, 1986 The NFC champion Chicago Bears, seeking their first NFL title since 1963, scored a Super Bowl-record 46 points in downing AFC champion New England 46-10 in Super Bowl XX.

What Super Bowls have the Bears been in?

Super Bowl XLI was an American football game played between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Indianapolis Colts and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Chicago Bears to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2006 season.

When did George Halas buy the bears?

In 1921, the Staley Starch Company gave Halas the team, $5,000 and permission to move the team to Chicago if he would agree to keep the Staleys name for a year. The Staleys won the 1921 league championship. A year later, the team was renamed the Chicago Bears.

How much did George Halas pay for the bears?

George Halas paid $100 for the team in 1921, acquiring it from the Staley Starch Company and relocating the franchise to Chicago. The Pro Football Hall of Famer, an eight-time NFL champion and two-time Coach of the Year, gave the team to his daughter Virginia Halas McCaskey upon his death in 1983.

Did the 85 Bears win the Super Bowl?

The Bears defeated the Patriots by the score of 46–10, capturing their first NFL championship since 1963, three years prior to the birth of the Super Bowl.

Who won Super Bowl 1985?

Chicago Bears
Super Bowl XX/Champion

Why are the Bears called the bears?

The team moved into Wrigley Field, which was home to the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise. As with several early NFL franchises, the Bears derived their nickname from their city’s baseball team (some directly, some indirectly – like the Bears, whose young are called “cubs”).

Does the Halas family still own the Bears?

The Bears have been in the Halas family for five generations. Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of George Halas, is currently the team’s principal owner. She is 98, however, and has allowed her son, George H. McCaskey, to serve as chairman with the team.

Who owns the other 20% of the Bears?

Patrick Ryan, executive chairman of Aon Corp., and Aon director Andrew McKenna own 19.7% of the club. In a Crain’s Chicago Business article, one businessman described his wishes for the team to maximize its potential.

Who owns the other 20% of the bears?