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How micronaire value is determined?

How micronaire value is determined?

The simple Micronaire value of a cotton sample is dependent on both the fibre fineness and its maturity. Both higher maturity and coarser fibres can give a high Micronaire reading and conversely both fine fibres and immature fibres can give a low Micronaire reading.

How is micronaire measured?

Micronaire is measured as the air permeability of a lint sample of known mass enclosed in a container of fixed dimensions. Upland cotton fiber with a maturity ratio <0.85 or a micronaire value <3.5 is generally considered immature (Bange et al., 2010).

What is the unit of micronaire to determine fiber fineness?

Fibre fineness can be defined in micronaire (μg/inch) which measures units of mass (micrograms or μg) per unit of length (inches) to assess linear density.

What is SFI in cotton?

In the late 90’s, Zellweger-Uster (now Uster Technologies) modified its HVI program to allow for calculation of the short fiber content of a sample of cotton based upon an algorithm that calculates a “Short Fiber Index (SFI)” based upon the other conventional HVI measures of length, strength, and micronaire.

What is micronaire reading?

Micronaire (MIC) is a measure of the air permeability of compressed cotton fibers. It’s often used as an indication of fiber fineness and maturity. Fiber fineness and maturity are critical for fiber processing, as well as fiber quality.

What is fiber maturity?

Fibre maturity (in case of Cotton Fiber) is a fibre characteristic which expresses the relative degree of thickening of the fibre wall. A fiber will be matured if a high degree of wall thickening took place into the fiber content during cotton growth.

How do you define fine fiber with respect to micronaire value?

Weight of the fiber per inch is termed as MIC value. The higher micronaire value the fiber regarded as coarser….MIC.

MIC Fineness
3.1 to 3.9 Fine
4.0 to 4.9 Medium
5.0 to 5.9 Slightly coarse
6.0 to above Coarse

What is SFCn in AFIS instrument?

LDA: Linear discriminant analysis. SFCn: Short fiber content by number.

What is short fiber index?

Traditionally, Short Fibre Content (SFC) is an indication of cotton quality: defined as a percentage of fibres less than 12.7mm. Raw material with higher SFC is inferior as it leads to high waste % in the process and yarn produced from this cotton will have low strength, more unevenness and high hairiness.

What is fiber strength?

Fiber strength is the strength of an individual fiber. Using small test devices, the strength of individual fibers can be measured.

What is maturity ratio?

It was shown that the maturity ratio measures the average degree of wall thickening of a cotton relative to the degree of thickening corresponding to a particular ‘standard’ level of maturity. Cottons more mature ‘than the standard level give test values of the maturity ratio greater than unity.

How is fiber maturity calculated?

A common measurement used to indirectly infer the fiber’s maturity and fineness is micronaire, a measure of the cotton fiber’s resistance to air flow per unit mass. A fast and precise measurement of micronaire is obtained from high-volume instruments, such as the Uster® High Volume Instrument (HVI).