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How much did a record cost in 1950?

How much did a record cost in 1950?

So what did vinyl records cost in the 1950’s? The pricing for records in the 50s would vary depending on the musicians or how popular the song was. Commonly, records and pieces of vinyl cost a mere $0.85 for older records and the latest releases were $1.25.

Did they have record players in the 60s?

The popularity of music in the 50s and 60s ensured that the record player was just as popular as the radio. They were always referred to as “record players”; to use the old-fashioned term “gramophone” in the late 50s and early 60s marked you out as a member of the square, older generation.

How much did a record cost in 1970?

So how much did vinyl cost in the ’70s? Most records in the 70’s were being recorded in stereo which was a more expensive format than mono. Once that started happening, records almost tripled in price, which made them cost $6-$7.

What is a Fisher Price record player worth?

The standard selling price for the record player is upwards of $100, the better the condition the higher the worth. Premium condition record players with the box with no records missing have been selling for over $300.

How much did a 45 record cost in 1955?

Teenagers of the Fifties took to the portable, less-expensive format; one ad at the time priced the records at 65 cents each. One of rock’s most cataclysmic early hits, Bill Haley and the Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock,” sold 3 million singles in 1955.

How much did Vinyl cost in the 60s?

So how much did it cost to buy these records in the 1960s? Records could normally be purchased for $2-$4 depending on if you purchased the record in mono or stereo. In today’s dollars that means a new record would cost around $17-$35 per record!

How much are vintage record players worth?

According to, working antique players generally sell for between $180-$250, while those that aren’t, go for less than $100. If you are trying to sell your record player, check local classified ads and marketplaces to gauge a fair price and then price it accordingly.

When did stereo record players come out?

Although Audio-Fidelity Records offered a limited edition stereo record for industry use in 1957, consumers needed to wait until 1958 for recordings with stereo sound to become widely available for the home.

How much did a 45 record cost in the 70s?

Not shown: 45’s were $0.95. The Beatles Star Club album cost me $10.75.

Are old turntables good?

Generally, the superior build and construction of a vintage turntable will produce better sound. But that depends entirely on the state of that deck’s elements. If just one is off, or you’re spinning with a subpar stylus, that warm vintage sound becomes a muddy mess. And don’t get me started on motor noise.