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How old is Just Fontaine?

How old is Just Fontaine?

88 years (August 18, 1933)
Just Fontaine/Age

What happened to Just Fontaine?

Fontaine played his last match in July 1962, being forced to retire early (28 years and 11 months old) because of a recurring injury.

Who scored a record 13 goals in the 1958 FIFA World Cup?

The 1958 FIFA World Cup™ is synonymous with Just Fontaine’s record 13-goal haul, a 17-year-old Pele announcing himself to the world and Brazil claiming their first-ever world title.

Who won World Cup in 1958?

Brazil national football team
1958 FIFA World Cup/Champion

What is Fontaine English?

Fontaine is a French word meaning fountain or natural spring or an area of natural springs.

Who was the top scorer in the 1962 World Cup?

1962 FIFA World Cup

Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol – Copa Jules Rimet Chile 1962
Top scorer(s) 6 players (see below) (4 goals each)
Best player(s) Garrincha
Best young player Flórián Albert
← 1958 1966 →

Which country won the 1962 World Cup?

1962 FIFA World Cup

Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol – Copa Jules Rimet Chile 1962
Teams 16 (from 3 confederations)
Venue(s) 4 (in 4 host cities)
Final positions
Champions Brazil (2nd title)

Has Sweden won a World Cup?

They have been present at 12 out of 21 World Cups by 2018. Throughout the World Cup history, Brazil became Sweden’s historical rival. The two countries have met each other seven times but Sweden never won, with five victories for the Brazilian side and two draws….By match.

Year 1958
Round Group 3
Against Wales
Score 0–0

When did England win the World Cup?

30 July 1966
30 July 1966 The 1960s were a jubilant and confident time for English popular culture: England beating West Germany 4–2 at home to win the football World Cup was a particular highlight.

Who is Fontaine BioShock?

Frank Fontaine is one of the primary antagonists in BioShock. He is a con man, criminal mastermind, the archenemy of Andrew Ryan, and the leader of the opposition in the power struggle which led to Rapture’s collapse. He speaks with a coarse, thick Bronx accent.