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How old is Roberts Liardon?

How old is Roberts Liardon?

55 years (February 14, 1966)
Roberts Liardon/Age

Who wrote God’s generals?

Roberts Liardon
God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed/Authors

How many volumes of God’s generals are there?

6 Volumes
God’s Generals – All 6 Volumes.

What is a general in the spirit?

God’s generals are those men and women who know how to govern the laws of nature using the supernatural powers of God. Wherever they are sent by God, nature ceases its operations, and the Spirit of Elohim dominates.

Who is a healing evangelist?

A. A. Allen

Asa Alonso Allen
Born March 27, 1911 Sulphur Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
Died June 11, 1970 (aged 59) San Francisco, California, U.S.
Occupation Evangelist, faith healer
Title Head of A. A. Allen Revivals, Inc.

Who is God in general?

In monotheistic thought, God is conceived of as the supreme being, creator, and principal object of faith. God is usually conceived of as being omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent as well as having an eternal and necessary existence.

Who is Charles and Frances Hunter?

Known as the “Happy Hunters,” Charles and Frances Hunter were nationally recognized both for their powerful healing ministry and for their unbridled, contagious joy. What few people know, however, is that Frances spent years as a “wild sinner,” and Charles was a “dried-up spiritual prune” for most of his early life.

Did Kathryn Kuhlman marry?

Kathryn Kuhlman (May 9, 1907 – February 20, 1976) was an American evangelist known for hosting healing services….This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman
Spouse(s) Burroughs Allen Waltrip (“Mister”), October 18, 1938–? 1948 (divorced)

Who is Joan Hunter’s parents?

Joan Hunter has been involved in the healing ministry for over thirty years. Along with her parents, Charles and Frances Hunter, she has ministered to thousands of people in the area of physical healings.

Who was Joan Hunter married to?

Kelley Murrell
Joan lives with her husband, Kelley Murrell, in Pinehurst, Texas. Together, they have eight children—four daughters and four sons—and seven grandchildren.