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How old is violet in The Westing Game?

How old is violet in The Westing Game?

She is 42 years old. She favors Angela while largely ignoring Turtle. She claims to be Mr. Westing’s niece; her name is actually Gracie Windkloppel Wexler.

Who is Violet in The Westing Game?

Violet is the deceased daughter of the Westings, and she looks like Angela and Grace Wexler. She used to go out with George Theodorakis, until her mother started to push her into marriage with a corrupt politician; she then committed suicide. Spoiler: Her mother is Crow.

Who was Violet Westing really in love with?

George Theodorakis
Violet Westing is the deceased daughter of Sam Westing and Berthe Erica Crow. She was once in love with George Theodorakis, the son of one of Westing’s workers, but her mother felt that the match was unsuitable and arranged a marriage between Violet and a crooked politician.

Who is the youngest player in the Westing Game?

Turtle is the youngest of the Westing heirs and one of the most misunderstood. She’s also one of the most intelligent characters and one of the most committed to playing the Westing game.

Who is violet Westing in the Westing Game?

Violet Westing – The daughter of Sam Westing and Berthe Erica Crow, she drowned herself twenty years earlier when Crow forces her to break up with George Theodorakis and become engaged to a crooked politician. Click to see full answer. Thereof, who is Violet Westing in The Westing Game?

How many years did Sam Westing work at Westing paper?

Westing Connection: he worked in Westing, Westing Paper Plant for 20 years. He was fired by Sam Westing himself for trying to organize the workers. No pension. He wears glasses.

Who is the CEO of Westing paper products?

President and Chief Executive Officer of Westing Paper Products Corporation. A friend of Sam Westing. Windy is him. He is Sam and Sandy. Daughter of Sam Westing. Violet died right before her wedding.

What happens at the end of the Westing games?

In the end of of the Westing Games, the heirs find out that Alexander (Sandy)McSoutherns, Barney Northrup, and Julian Eastman are all the suspected victim of murder, Samuel W. Westing! This means that Samuel faked his own death and took disguise as three other people.