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How successful is Jack in the second hunt be specific?

How successful is Jack in the second hunt be specific?

How successful is Jack on the second hunt? Jack fails for a second time. He is determined that on his next hunt he will kill a pig and bring it back. Who is the only one who helps Ralph build the huts?

What does Jack do when he hunts?

“I thought I might kill.” Clearly Jack has become consumed with the primitive excitement of hunting and killing; he is quickly regressing into a savage, rather than the civilized boy that he was back home. He talks of putting a barb on his spear to more easily snare the pig when he casts his spear.

Why does Jack Attack Ralph’s camp is he successful?

Jack plans a raid on Ralph’s camp to get the one thing that they don’t possess: Piggy’s glasses. The reason that they don’t “ask” as Ralph later yells at Jack, is because Jack and his tribe are too far gone into the lifestyle of savagery. They no longer possess any civilized qualities.

What weapons does Jack use to hunt the pig How successful is he in the hunt?

lord of the flies chapter 1-3

What weapon is Jack using to hunt pigs Five foot sharpened stick
How does Jack know that there is a pig in the creepers ahead of him He found the pigs fresh droppings
How are the boys collecting drinking water in coconut shells
Who helps Ralph with the hut building Simon helps

What does Jack do to try and be more successful at hunting?

Jack uses enticements, like having fun and eating meat, as well as intimidation, like beatings and stoking the boys’ fears, to keep the boys loyal to him. Jack is also a successful hunter. Once he has killed his first pig, he no longer fears, but rather enjoys, the taking of life and spilling of blood.

Why does Jack feel like he’s being hunted?

Expert Answers Jack feels the urge to stalk and hunt so strongly that it is visceral, much like a hunger in his gut. It would be logical that by the process of projection, he would assume other people felt the same way as himself.

Why is Jack a good leader?

Jack is an effective leader because he is direct, confident, and authoritative. Unlike Ralph, Jack exudes confidence and is respected for his hunting abilities. He is not only able to provide for the boys in his tribe but also claims to protect them from the beast.

How does Jack behave when he is hunting or talking about hunting?

How does Jack act when hunting? Jack does act when hunting by being silent and creeping close to the ground to look for pig. Jack does understand the littluns’ fear of the “beastie” because when finding a pig to kill you can feel as if you’re not hunting, but – being hunted.

What is the result of Ralph’s successful hunt?

After this moment, Ralph gets caught up in the excitement of the hunt and becomes “full of fright and apprehension and pride.” Ralph also repeats, “I hit him!

How is Jack more powerful at the end of Chapter 10?

Jack’s new control of the ability to make fire emphasizes his power over the island and the demise of the boys’ hopes of being rescued. We learn a great deal about the different boys’ characters through their varying reactions to Simon’s death.

What does Jack use to hunt pigs with?

Jack uses a spear to stick the pig and a knife to cut its throat. The pig-hunting is very important to Jack and to the other boys on the island.