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Is CC Lemon good?

Is CC Lemon good?

This was a very refreshing lemon drink with a good balance of flavors and a very mild citrus bite. It’s flawed because I wish it had a little less of an artificial sweetener flavor, a little more carbonation, and a little more citrus bite and less sweetness, but it’s pretty good for a diet version of a beverage.

Does CC Lemon have vitamin C?

A 500ml bottle of C.C. Lemon provides the amount of vitamin C an average person requires on a daily basis. Nutrients aside, C.C. Lemon is also loved for its refreshingly-tasty taste as it contains real lemon juice.

How many lemons are in CC Lemon?

Lemon comes in a bright yellow bottle with a white cap and green lettering, and contains “70 lemons’ worth of vitamin C in every bottle.” There is a red circular label on the bottle with white text that possibly establishes the Suntory company’s founding date as 1980, but a clear shot of this has yet to be seen in or …

Is CC Lemon a soda?

Refresh and revive with Suntory C.C. Lemon soda. This can contains 350ml of lemon flavoured carbonated soft drink which contains real lemon juice and proudly boasts to contain 35 lemons’ worth of vitamin C.

What does CC lemon taste like?

C. C. Lemon is pleasantly lemony with a small but zesty carbonation. The lemony is a tad tart but also a tad Lemon Head candy flavored rather than picked from the tree lemony.

What is Kirin lemon?

Kirin Lemon was created by Kirin Brewery in Yokohama in 1928. Originally the company also produced Kirin Cider, Kirin Citron, and soda water, but the lemon flavor proved most popular. The drink is flavored by extracts from the zest or lemon peel. It is a strong flavored drink, but the flavor can’t be placed.

How big is a bottle of CC Lemon?

C.C. Lemon Vitamin C Drink from Japan, 16.9 fl oz (500 mL) | Yummy Bazaar.

How big is a CC Lemon bottle?

Suntory “CC Lemon” 500ml Plastic Bottle x 24 Bottles.

What are Japanese drinks?

A Bevy of Beverages: What to Drink in Japan

  • Amazake. Amazake is a traditional Japanese beverage of sweet fermented rice.
  • Mugicha. Mugicha is a tea-like drink made from water infused with roasted barley grains.
  • Genmaicha.
  • Canned Coffee.
  • Royal Milk Tea.
  • Alcohol-free Beer.
  • Flavored Soymilk Drinks.
  • Aloe Drinks.

What is Boom Boom lemon in Tokyo?

Boom Boom Lemon is a Japanese soda drink that features within Netflix’s new action-thriller Kate which was released today, Friday, 10 September. The 2021 film follows protagonist Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a trained assassin, as she tries to escape the killing business.

What is the most popular soda in Japan?

Ramune, the wildly popular Japanese soda, comes in many flavors.

What do kids in Japan drink?

Most Popular Japanese Drinks for kids? Ramune soda is the most popular soft drink in Japan. These fizzy Japanese drinks are much loved by kids, AND also many adults in Japan. This Japanese kids drink come in a very uniquely-shaped glass bottle.