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Is condensate liquid or gas?

Is condensate liquid or gas?

Condensates are the liquid form of these hydrocarbons that take their name from the process of removing them from the gas stream by processing with specific temperature and pressure.

What does condensate contain of?

Condensate is mainly composed of propane, butane, pentane and heavier hydrocarbon fractions. The condensate is not only generated into the reservoir, it is also formed when liquid drops out, or condenses, from a gas stream in pipelines or surface facilities.

What is plant condensate?

Plant condensate: One of the natural gas liquids, mostly pentanes and heavier hydrocarbons, recovered and separated as liquids at gas inlet separators or scrubbers in processing plants.

What is condensate cargo?

Condensate is mostly composed of NGLs and naphtha range material, and has an API from 45 to 70+. Once separated from natural gas, condensate is generally treated like a crude oil. It can be blended with other heavier crude streams or sent to market directly by pipeline or tanker.

What is the gravity of condensate?

Condensate specific gravity ranges between 0.74 and 0.82 (60 to 40 °API), although values as high as 0.88 (as low as 29 °API) have been reported [21]. Material balance equations developed for dry gases can be used for a gas condensate reservoir as long as its pressure remains above the dew point.

What does condensate look like?

It looks like a dense little lump in the bottom of the magnetic trap/bowl; kind of like a drop of water condensing out of damp air onto a cold bowl. When it first forms, though, the condensate is still surrounded by the normal gas atoms, so it looks a bit like a pit inside a cherry.

What is the API gravity of condensate?

The API gravity of lease condensate ranges between 45 and 75 degrees, and lease condensates with higher APIs contain more NGIs, which include ethane, propane and butane, but not many heavy hydrocarbons. Higher API lease condensate is also clear or translucent.

What is the API gravity of water?

… petroleum industry, however, uses the American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity scale, in which pure water has been arbitrarily assigned an API gravity of 10°. Liquids lighter than water, such as oil, have API gravities numerically greater than 10.

What is condensate well?

Condensate wells: These wells produce raw natural gas along with natural gas liquid. Such gas is also called associated gas and often referred to as wet gas.

What Colour is condensate?

The condensate colour can be water-white or dark. Dark condensates usually have relatively high specific gravity and are associated with high dew point gases.

What is the price of condensate?

Condensate prices continue to slide as discount widens to record high

BRENT $76.89 57.17
WTI $67.33 51.29
CDN LT $39.33 38.43
C5+ $52.83 52.83

How does condensation happen?

It can happen in one of two ways. For condensation to form, water vapor is either cooled to its dew point – which is the temperature at which water in the air condenses to create water droplets. Or, the air becomes so saturated with water vapor that it can’t hold any more water.