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Is it wrong to like Pokemon as an adult?

Is it wrong to like Pokemon as an adult?

Pokémon is a fun game at any age. Just because it is targeted toward kids doesn’t mean that older people can’t enjoy it. Even if you only played the first-generation Pokémon games, the Gen 1 remakes are sure to pull you in and make you remember the fun you had exploring the Kanto region all those years ago.

Is 13 too old for Pokemon?

You can never be too old for Pokemon. It may be a series designed for kids but the beauty of Pokemon has always been that there are a thousand different styles to play it. Some are collecting some are just battling, kids may screw around with their friends.

Why is Pokemon popular again?

Why Pokémon Cards Are So Popular Again The first is nostalgia. Nostalgia and sentimentality can be especially high in tough times, and the COVID-19 global pandemic is certainly another reason the cards may have risen in value since last year.

What age are Pokemon fans?

Pokémon has a predominantly male following across platforms, with the 20-29 age group contributing to the lion’s share of its audience. Surprisingly, looking at locations statistics, the majority of the brand’s followers are based in the United States, with the UK, Brazil, Mexico and Canada behind.

Why do kids love Pokémon so much?

The findings, published this week in the journal Nature Human Behavior, indicate that when kids are consistently exposed to images of Pokémon, a wrinkle in their visual cortex forms specifically to store memories of Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, and Jigglypuffs. He remembered playing Pokémon.

Why do people love Pokémon so much?

A major aspect that has caused Pokemon to stay popular is its development into competitive gameplay. While “back in the day” you could battle your friends or play the card game competitively, there weren’t the huge competitions that there are now.

Is Pokemon not popular anymore?

55% of users don’t play it anymore, while only 13% play it regularly. Overall, Pokémon isn’t as popular as it used to be, and the decrease in sales are there to prove it. In Pokémon Sun/Moon, there was little to no depth and players just don’t have a lot to discover outside the main storyline.

Why is Charizard so overrated?

Charizard is one of the Pokémon series’ most notable mascots, but it is not as strong or as useful as players might hope, making it overrated. However, when looking at Charizard as a Pokémon, it actually isn’t as strong or useful as players might think. …

What is Rainbow Charizard worth?

Charizard GX #150 Pokemon Burning Shadows

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-07-08 PSA 7 Charizard GX Rainbow Full Art Secret Rare 150/147 Burning Shadows Pokemon $345.00
2021-06-29 2017 Pokemon Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Hyper Rare Charizard GX #150 PSA 7 NRMT $227.50

What age group watches most Pokémon?

Half of respondents between 25 and 34 years old said they had already watched a cartoon of the Pokémon franchise….Share of French people who have already watched the Pokémon franchise anime in 2016, by age group.

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What age group plays Pokémon cards?

New methods may be based more on the video game adaptations of Pokémon or the Pokémon television show. Players in a tournament are split into three age categories: Junior (10 years old and younger), Senior (11 to 14 years old), and Master (15 years old and older).

Is Pokémon bad for my kid?

New neurological research confirms that Pikachu may be messing with your kid’s mind. Children who play Pokémon and watch the new live-action movie Detective Pikachu may experience developmental changes to their brains according to new research out of Stanford University.