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Is lilac a French word?

Is lilac a French word?

lilac: violet; pourpre. lilas; arbre de lilas.

How do you say lilac in different languages?

In other languages lilac

  1. American English: lilac /ˈlaɪlɑk, -læk, -lək/
  2. Arabic: لَيْلَكٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: lilás.
  4. Chinese: 淡紫色的
  5. Croatian: ljubičast.
  6. Czech: šeříkový barva.
  7. Danish: lilla.
  8. Dutch: lila.

What is a French lilac?

French Lilacs are popular, large shrubs that are hardy and adaptable. They can tolerate drought and poor soils once established, but avoid planting in wet areas. This cultivar has clusters of periwinkle-blue flowers that bloom in mid-spring. Deep green leaves turn yellow-purple in the fall.

How do you say purple in other languages?

In other languages purple

  1. American English: purple /ˈpɜrpəl/
  2. Arabic: أُرْجُوَانِي
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: roxo.
  4. Chinese: 紫色的
  5. Croatian: ljubičast.
  6. Czech: purpurový
  7. Danish: purpur.
  8. Dutch: paars.

What does lilac mean in Greek?

What Does Lilac Mean? The scientific name for lilac, Syringa vulgaris, is derived from the Greek word, “syrinks.” This translates loosely to the word “pipe.” The common name, lilac, was derived from the Spanish and French words of the same name.

How do you say lavender in other languages?

In other languages lavender

  1. American English: lavender /ˈlævɪndər/
  2. Arabic: خُزَامَى
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: lavanda.
  4. Chinese: 熏衣草
  5. Croatian: lavanda.
  6. Czech: levandule.
  7. Danish: lavendel.
  8. Dutch: lavendel.

What color is French lilac?

periwinkle purple
French Lilac is a midtone, pure, periwinkle purple with a distant mountain undertone. It is a perfect paint color for all the walls of a room or a surprising elegant touch to a living room or dining space.

What does a French lilac look like?

The blossoms of French or common lilacs range from white, pink and lavender to purple and magenta with both single and double flowers. Many varieties of French lilacs bloom successfully after a winter chill. Often this requires several months where temperatures drop below 45 degrees.

How do you compliment a girl in French?

Tu as une très belle barbe….These are very general compliments, so let’s get more specific:

  1. Tu as de beaux yeux. (“You have beautiful eyes.” )
  2. Tu as de beaux cheveux. (“You have beautiful hair.” )
  3. Tu as de belles mains. (“You have beautiful hands.” )