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Is The Departed a copy of Infernal Affairs?

Is The Departed a copy of Infernal Affairs?

Martin Scorsese’s The Departed was famously based on Infernal Affairs – the Andy Lau and Tony Leung movie that ‘saved Hong Kong cinema’

What inspired The Departed?

It is a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs and is also loosely based on the real-life Boston Winter Hill Gang; the character Colin Sullivan is based on the corrupt FBI agent John Connolly, while the character Frank Costello is based on Irish-American gangster Whitey Bulger.

How similar is The Departed to Infernal Affairs?

The Departed has almost an hour longer runtime than Infernal Affairs, but that fact is a credit to both films. There’s so much to get out of each film, but neither one steps on the others’ toes. Infernal Affairs is spectacular, and The Departed is an absolute masterclass in a remake.

Is The Departed a sequel?

It’s unfortunate that a Departed sequel isn’t happening. However, if you are looking to add the original to your dvd or blu-ray collection, you can check that out here. Thank you for signing up to CinemaBlend.

Is The Departed a good movie?

“The Departed” is a good movie, with a great cast, but never deserved to be nominated to the Oscar. There are dozens of better movies, and even “Donnie Brasco” is better and better.

What happened at the end of departed?

The final sequence of “The Departed” shows Sullivan returning home from the grocery store, only to be ambushed by his police superior, Dignam (Mark Wahlberg). Dignam, who had served as Costigan’s handler during his undercover operation, shoots Sullivan dead and then leaves.

Was Sean Dignam a mole?

Dignam knew that Colin was a mole and used his police training to murder him and get away without leaving any evidence. Wahlberg’s character is the last mole. Everyone has this one wrong. It’s not a “revenge kill” at the end.

Is Mark Wahlberg the rat in The Departed?

Sean Dignam (Mark Wahlberg), before a rat scurries along a balcony looking out at the Massachusetts State House. Advertisement: The rat cameo was a bit too on the nose for Sacks, so he started a Kickstarter on Tuesday titled “Digitally Erase the Rat From the End of The Departed.”

Is Infernal Affairs a good movie?

Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film a three-out-of-four star rating and described Infernal Affairs as offering “rare emotional depth.” In his words, “The movie pays off in a kind of emotional complexity rarely seen in crime movies.

Why is The Departed so overrated?

“The Departed” fails to achieve the same nuance, primarily because of its garbled storytelling. At the end, there is no emotional payoff, and while Leonardo Dicaprio tries his best to make us care for his character, it isn’t the same. ‘The Departed’ is not a bad film; it’s just overrated.

Who killed Leo in The Departed?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scorsese finally explained the true meaning behind the last words spoken by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, undercover cop Billy Costigan, before he is shot in the head and killed by the corrupt Trooper Barrigan (James Badge Dale).

Was Sgt Dignam a rat?

If the question is asking whether Dignam was himself a Costello rat, the answer is that we know he wasn’t.