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Is there an app for Trivial Pursuit?

Is there an app for Trivial Pursuit?

Titled Trivial Pursuit & Friends is available for free on all the major app stores; iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The app is designed to allow solo-play or battles over the internet with the ability to Duel more than one friend at a time, having multiple games on the go for all your Trivial Pursuit needs.

What is the latest version of Trivial Pursuit?

Trivial Pursuit: 6th Edition.

Is there an online version of Trivial Pursuit?

Currently, Trivial Pursuit Live! is the only officially licensed way to play Trivial Pursuit in any online setting. Gameloft and Hasbro developed a mobile version of the game, Trivial Pursuit & Friends, in 2015. It was available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Is there a UK version of Trivial Pursuit?

Trivial Pursuit: National Edition (UK) (1993)

What happened to the Trivial Pursuit app?

But on Friday 14 February 2020, HQ Trivia shut down, making its 25 employees redundant after running out of money. Investors had pulled their cash out of the app and a plan for a new buyer to rescue the company fell through at the last minute.

Can you play Trivial Pursuit online with friends?

Trivial Pursuit is the most famous question and answer board game. It is called Trivial Pursuit & Friends and, as the name suggests, it allows you to play online with friends.

What is the Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit?

The original version is known as the Genus edition (or Genus I). Several different general knowledge editions (such as Genus II) have followed. Other editions include Junior Edition (1985), All-Star Sports, Baby Boomers, 1980s, All About the 80s, 1990s and others.

Can I play Trivial Pursuit online with friends?

Is there a free online Trivial Pursuit game?

Play a round of Trivial Pursuit for a fun, free game. You have the option to add a friend to play together online and experience the board game virtually. Houseparty is a social networking service that enables group video chatting.

When was Trivial Pursuit released in the UK?

The game was launched in 1981 with artwork by 18-year-old artist Michael Wurstlin. The first copies of Trivial Pursuit were sold at a loss. Each board game cost £48 to make and they were sold to shops for £10.

Is Trivial Pursuit on PS4?

A more modern look, new reinvented question types, and the world’s best questions from the world’s top trivia authority. Software subject to license ( One-time license fee for play on account’s designated primary PS4™ system and other PS4™ systems when signed in with that account.

Why QuizUp is shutting down?

However, the television show was scuttled by NBC in August 2016. In September 2016, as a result of NBC cancelling their show, QuizUp’s creator, Plain Vanilla, laid off all of their employees and announced a plan to sell the app before the end of 2016.