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What are capital resources in school?

What are capital resources in school?

Capital resources include money to start a new business, tools, buildings, machinery, and any other goods people make to produce goods and provide services. The items the people in Communityville produced are called capital resources.

What are 4 examples of capital resources?

Capital resources are goods produced and used to make other goods and services. Examples of capital resources are an office building, office copying machine, pots and pans and a wrench. Ask the students for other examples of capital resources.

What are 3 capital resources?

Basic categories of capital resources include tools, equipment, buildings, and machinery. However, any good used by a business to produce other goods and services is classified as a capital resource, including mundane items such as shipping boxes, invoice forms, pens, or file cabinets.

What are school resources?

Schools have access to human, material, and financial resources. These include school furniture, equipment, technology, curriculum materials, manipulatives, textbooks, and any other materials within the school. Financial resources include cash and lines of credit.

What are examples of capital resources for kids?

Capital resources include locations, machinery, tools, and any other man-made items used to help a business make a good or provide a service.

Is a pencil a capital resource?

Tools used to make things, buildings that you work in, and money used to buys things are examples of capital resources. The saw used to cut down the trees that will make pencils is an example of a capital resource. A pencil entrepreneur must buy capital resources like machinery and a factory.

What are 5 capital resources?

Tools, machinery, buildings, vehicles, computers, and construction equipment are types of capital goods. Capital goods are one of the four leading economic factors.

What are examples of school resources?

District- or school-sponsored professional development activities.

  • Professional conferences or workshops.
  • Follow-up or ongoing support for training (e.g., coaching, mentoring)
  • College courses.
  • What resources do teachers use?

    Teaching and learning resources

    • text books.
    • novels.
    • films.
    • plays.
    • radio programs.
    • multimedia.
    • digital learning resources including video, audio, text, animations and images.
    • lectures.

    Which of these is an example of capital resource?

    Building, Machinery, Tools and equipment are some of the examples for capital resources.

    Is coal a capital resource?

    Natural resources like gas, oil and coal are used up, or depleted, when a business uses them. The trucks that a delivery service owns are capital resources that can be used again and again, but the gas the company uses to operate them is depleted during use.

    Is paper a capital resource?

    We use trees to make houses and paper . Capital resources are things that people use to make goods and provide services . All of these things are capital resources .