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What are some cute Korean words?

What are some cute Korean words?

Cute Korean Phrases

English Korean (한국어) Romanization
You are handsome! 잘 생겼어요! jal saenggyeosseoyo!
You are pretty! 예쁘네요! yeppeuneyo!
You are charming! 매력적이네요! maeryeokjeogineyo!
You are so cute! 너무 귀여워요! neomu gwiyeowoyo!

How do Koreans react to compliments?

You may be confused when Koreans respond rather lukewarm, cold, or even say “아니에요. (No) [anieyo]” to your compliments. Koreans may reply with “아, 아니에요. [a anieyo] (Oh, no, no…)” or “그런 말씀 마세요.

What are some Korean phrases?

15 Korean Phrases You Need to Know

  • 안녕하세요 – An-nyeong-ha-se-yo. – Hello.
  • 반갑습니다 – Ban-gap-sum-ni-da. – Nice to meet you.
  • 감사합니다 – Kam-sa-ham-ni-da. – Thank you.
  • 밥 먹었어요? – Bap meo-geo-seo-yo?
  • 잠시만요 – Jam-shi-man-yo. – Excuse me./Just a moment.
  • 최성합니다/미안합니다 – Chway-seong-ham-ni-da./Mi-an-ham-ni-da.
  • 주세요 – …
  • 어디예요 – Eo-di-ye-yo…?

How do you flirt in Korean?

Flirt in Korean There are 2 words you can use to say “flirt”. You can say 추파를 던지다 (chupareul deonjida) if you’re using it as a verb and 바람둥이 (baramdungi) if it’s a noun.

What is Daebak?

대박 – (Daebak) Meaning: That’s awesome! Stars in Korean dramas and variety shows use this word frequently. It describes when something is awesome or it’s a way of showing enthusiasm. A lot of the time it also describes a state of awe or shock.

Do Koreans have a word for love?

The word 사랑 (sarang) is the noun “love” in Korean..

How do you say cute in Korean?

How to Say “Cute” in Korean. “Cute” in Korean is 귀엽다 (gwiyeopda). That’s its dictionary form, so it actually means “to be cute.” 귀엽다 (gwiyeopda) is perfectly fine to say to yourself, or in exclamation about something cute you see — like a cute puppy!

What does Ottoke mean?

Aigoo is an expression similar to ‘oh gosh’ Ottoke means ‘what do I do?’ / ‘what should I do?’