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What are the nations of Middle-earth?

What are the nations of Middle-earth?

There are seven kingdoms in The Lord of the Rings/Middle-earth.

  • Kingdom of Arnor.
  • Kingdom of Gondor.
  • Kingdom of Rohan.
  • Kingdom of Dale.
  • Kingdom of Mirkwood.
  • Kingdom of Mordor.
  • Kingdom of Haradrim.

Who are the four Wizards of Middle-earth?

This specific group of emissaries becomes known as the Order of the Wizards. There are officially five members: Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, Alatar, and Pallando.

Who created the races of Middle-earth?

Creation. The race of Men in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional world, in his books The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, is the second race of beings, the “younger children”, created by the One God, Ilúvatar.

What are hobbits descended from?

Hobbits are said to have originated in the valley of Anduin, between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. They are related to the race of Man, although their genealogical records concerning this were lost. The Harfoots made up the greatest population of Hobbits and most-closely resembled those described in The Hobbit.

How many races are in Middle-earth?

The fictional races and peoples that appear in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle-earth include the seven listed in Appendix F of The Lord of the Rings: Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits, Ents, Orcs and Trolls, as well as various spirits such as the Valar and Maiar.

What is Gandalf race?


What race is Sauron?

Aliases Mairon (originally) Gorthaur Thû Annatar The Dark Lord The One Enemy The Necromancer The Deceiver The Black Hand Lord of the Rings The Dark Power
Race Maia
Book(s) The Hobbit The Lord of the Rings The Silmarillion Unfinished Tales The Children of Húrin

How many races are there in Middle-earth?

What was the first race in Middle-earth?

Men (initially named Atani) were one of several races inhabiting Arda. They are the humans of Middle-earth, and the second of the Children of Ilúvatar.

What race was Smeagol?


Are hobbits part elf?

The prologue to the Fellowship of the Ring states that “it is plain indeed that in spite of later estrangement Hobbits are relatives of ours: far nearer to us than Elves or even than Dwarves.” If human-elf hybrids are possible, and dwarves and hobbits are taxonomically more closely related to humans than elves are.

How many races are there?

The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid.