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What are the notes used in Arirang?

What are the notes used in Arirang?

The melody of “Jeongseon Arirang” is based on the tune “Menari.” While most Korean folk songs finish with a “la” or “mi” note, “Jeongseon Arirang” starts with “re” and finishes with “mi.” The notes of “Ari-rang-” in the chorus part are “mi-la-sol-mi,” and the melodic line, which ascends four notes and gradually …

How many meters is the song composed of Arirang?

Meter: Many Korean folk songs are written in compound triple meter (e.g., 9/8 or 12/8). 4. Rhythm: Use the models provided below.

What message idea is expressed by Arirang?

Arirang songs speak about leaving and reunion, sorrow, joy and happiness. The various categories differ according to the lyrics and melody used; the thirty-six known versions of Arirang have also undergone continuous development.

What Arirang means?

my beloved one
* Meaning of Arirang [Aɾiɾaŋ] ​”The term Arirang is often translated as “my beloved one,” as some linguistic research supports that in ancient Korean ari meant “beautiful” and rang meant “the groom.” In addition, Arirang is said to be the name of a hill located in the central part of Seoul.

How was the song Arirang performed?

Like other traditional Korean folk songs, Arirang was taught and transmitted orally and aurally. Therefore, the oral and aural approach is recommended when teaching Arirang.

What is the rhythm of Arirang song?

semachi jangdan
Among a variety of the recurring rhythm patterns, Arirang is performed with semachi jangdan, a rhythm pattern of 9/8 meter with a stress on the first and sixth beats (see Figure 2). This rhythmic accompaniment is typically played by a janggu (hourglass drum).

What is the function of Arirang?

Arirang folk songs reinforce social relations, thus contributing to mutual respect and peaceful social development, and help people to express their feelings and overcome grief.

Where is Arirang from?

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring
Hana kage
Arirang/Featured in film

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