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What Colours do Syrian hamsters come in?

What Colours do Syrian hamsters come in?

Some examples of Syrian hamster colours are as follows:

  • Beige.
  • Black.
  • Blonde.
  • Brown.
  • Chocolate.
  • Cream.
  • Dove.
  • Golden.

What is the rarest color of Syrian hamster?

Beige is a rare colour, because it is produced by breeding together a hamster with the rust and dark grey gene, which are, themselves, rare. The beige variety is often smaller than the rest of the litter and may have a kinked tail due to the Dark Grey gene….Beige.

Variation Genotype
Beige bbdgdg

Do Syrian hamsters change color?

Young syrians can undergo a bit of a color change as they mature – I raised a baby with a light cream coat and she’s now orange-y.

What is the most popular hamster color?

Golden Hamster
Golden Hamster This is the most dominant color for a hamster. It’s also the standard hamster color most commonly found in nature. Goldens will have golden brown fur with black cheek markings. They typically have a grey undercoat with an ivory belly topped off with grey ears.

What is the rarest hamster?

World’s rarest wild hamster is now critically endangered. The European hamster, often called the common hamster, was once abundant across Europe and western Asia.

Are there white Syrian hamsters?

Syrian hamsters are a very popular pet, and now come in many varieties. Dominant Spot – these have a mainly white body, with patches of a different color. These spots vary in size, number and location on the body.

Can you get GREY Syrian hamsters?

Many new colours were developed in Syrian hamsters during the latter part of last century. Commonly available colours include Golden, White, Cream, Cinnamon, Sable, Black and Silver Grey. The Syrian hamster is also bred with patterned coats.

What color makes hamsters happy?

The results, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, showed that hamsters kept in the dark at night for a month drank the most sugar water, followed by those exposed to red light. White light appeared to lower the animals’ mood, and blue light depressed them still further.

Do hamsters go GREY?

Like This The fur near the scent glands is slightly lighter, and since your hamster is cream coloured then you wouldn’t have noticed it before, but since Buster is a senior hammy you can see difference in colour tones. It’s all normal, nothing at all to worry about.

Should I get a Syrian or dwarf hamster?

Syrian hamsters are the friendlier of the two hamster breeds. They have sweet personalities, are easy to handle, and rarely bite. Dwarf hamsters, meanwhile, are more easily startled and are more prone to nip. If you have small children, getting a Syrian hamster is probably the better choice.

Is a Syrian dwarf hamster?

Syrian hamsters are one of the larger breeds of hamsters. They are certainly much larger than dwarf hamsters and, as such, they have different requirements when it comes to food, exercise, and cages. A cage that is suitable for a dwarf hamster, for example, could be too small or have…

Can Syrian hamsters be white?

Commonly available colours include Golden, White, Cream, Cinnamon, Sable, Black and Silver Grey. The Syrian hamster is also bred with patterned coats. These patterns are the Banded, Dominant Spot, Tortoiseshell and White, Tortoiseshell, and Roan. The Banded Syrian has a band of white around its middle.