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What continent is located at 90 W and 45 N?

What continent is located at 90 W and 45 N?

North America
45°N, 90°W The original marker for the 45×90 point in North America; the sign was later amended to explain that a marker had been placed on the real location, approximately 324 m (1,063 ft) away.

What country is 45 degrees west?

The 45th meridian west forms a great circle with the 135th meridian east, and it is the reference meridian for the time zone UTC-3….From Pole to Pole.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
83°8′N 45°0′W Greenland Nansen Land
82°51′N 45°0′W J.P. Koch Fjord
82°46′N 45°0′W Greenland Freuchen Land

What country is 40 degrees east?

From Pole to Pole

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
14°27′N 40°0′E Ethiopia
3°56′N 40°0′E Kenya
3°22′S 40°0′E Indian Ocean Passing just east of the islands of Pemba, Latham and Mafia, Tanzania
10°8′S 40°0′E Tanzania

Where is 45 degrees north and 90 degrees west?

A spot in the middle of a soybean field in north-central Wisconsin marks a confluence of great significance to people who appreciate strange geography. Two invisible lines cross near the small town of Poniatowski; one representing 45 degrees north latitude and one representing 90 degrees west longitude.

What areas of the world live at 45 degrees south?

It crosses the South Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Australasia (New Zealand and just south of Tasmania), the Southern Ocean, and Patagonia. At this latitude, daytime lasts for 15 hours, 37 minutes during the December solstice and 8 hours, 46 minutes during the June solstice.

What country is located at 45 N 105 E?

From Pole to Pole

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea
50°24′N 105°0′E Mongolia
41°36′N 105°0′E People’s Republic of China
23°13′N 105°0′E Vietnam
18°45′N 105°0′E Laos

Where is 45 latitude and 45 longitude?

At the 45 degrees 0 minutes north latitude and 90 degrees 0 minutes west longitude, the “Center of the Northwestern World” is one of four hemispheric points like it, with two in the Indian and Pacific oceans and one in the remote Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China.

Where is 45 degrees south latitude?

What continent is at 40 North and 20 East?

The answer is Asia.

Which continent is found 45 degrees north?

The 45th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 45 degrees north of Earth’s equator. It crosses Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean….Around the world.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
45°0′N 37°13′E Russia Passing just south of Krasnodar, and just south of Stavropol

What cities are at 45 degrees latitude?

Only four states lie entirely north of the 45th parallel: Alaska, Washington, Montana (almost), and North Dakota. The biggest cities are Seattle and Portland. The parallel divides the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.