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What county is Chesterfield in UK?

What county is Chesterfield in UK?

Chesterfield, town and borough (district), administrative and historic county of Derbyshire, England, at the junction of the Rivers Rother and Hipper. The borough comprises the town of Chesterfield and surrounding areas, including the town of Staveley.

What district is Clay Cross in?

North East Derbyshire district
Clay Cross is a town and a civil parish in the North East Derbyshire district of Derbyshire, England. It is a former industrial and mining town, about 5 miles (8.0 km) south of Chesterfield….

Clay Cross
Civil parish Clay Cross
District North East Derbyshire
Shire county Derbyshire
Region East Midlands

Is Chesterfield rough?

Chesterfield is the most dangerous major town in Derbyshire, and is the 21st most dangerous overall out of Derbyshire’s 279 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Chesterfield in 2020 was 82 crimes per 1,000 people.

What is Chesterfield famous for?

Chesterfield is perhaps best known for the crooked spire of its Church of Saint Mary and All Saints and is why the local football team is known as The Spireites. The spire is twisted 45 degrees and leans 9 feet 6 inches (2.90 m) from its true centre.

What comes under North East Derbyshire?

North East Derbyshire includes the towns of Dronfield, Killamarsh, Eckington and Clay Cross, along with the villages of Unstone, Holmesfield, Barlow, Cutthorpe, North Wingfield, Wingerworth, Old Tupton, New Tupton, Renishaw, Ridgeway, Marsh Lane, Old Brampton, Holymoorside, Grassmoor, Woodthorpe, Apperknowle, Middle …

What local authority is shirland?

Shirland & Higham (Parish Council) | Derbyshire Association of Local Councils.

Is Chesterfield a safe town?

Crime and Safety in Chesterfield Chesterfield is the most dangerous major town in Derbyshire, and is the 21st most dangerous overall out of Derbyshire’s 279 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Chesterfield in 2020 was 82 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Chesterfield a nice place to live?

Whether it’s a town or village experience, contemporary or traditional housing, buying or renting, living in Chesterfield and the surrounding area is affordable and offers something for everyone. With friendly and welcoming communities it’s a safe place to live and bring up a family.

How old is Chesterfield?

The history of Chesterfield The story of Chesterfield has been over 2,000 years in the making. From its roots as a Roman fort close to the very edge of the Roman Empire its excellent transport links helped it become a prosperous market town in the Middle Ages, serving north eastern Derbyshire and beyond.

Is Bolsover classed as Derbyshire?

Bolsover is a market town and the administrative centre of the Bolsover District, Derbyshire, England. Bolsover, along with several nearby villages, is situated in the north east of the county of Derbyshire. It is the main town in the District of Bolsover, which is an electoral constituency and part of Derbyshire.

Is Bolsover in NE Derbyshire?

North East Derbyshire is a local government district in Derbyshire, England. It borders the districts of Chesterfield, Bolsover, Amber Valley and Derbyshire Dales in Derbyshire, and Sheffield and Rotherham in South Yorkshire. The population of the district as taken at the 2011 Census was 99,023.

What council is killamarsh?

Parish Council
Killamarsh is located in the district of North East Derbyshire.

Where is Tupton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom United Kingdom?

Tupton is a village and civil parish in North East Derbyshire, Derbyshire, England, 4.5 miles (7 km) south of Chesterfield. The population of the civil parish including Egstow and Old Tupton was at the 2011 Census 3,428. It lies just north of Clay Cross on the A61 ( Derby Road) which runs from Chesterfield to Alfreton.

Is the population of New Tupton higher than the national average?

Since New Tupton has a higher level of residents born in the UK than the national average and a lower rate of residents either born in other EU countries or outside the EU, it does not have a significant immigrant population. The respondents of the 2011 Census were asked to rate their health.

When did the city of Tupton get its name?

Tupton lies on the Roman road Ryknield Street, an obvious place for a settlement, and has an Anglo-Saxon name. It seems likely that the original settlement was founded between 550 A.D. and 878 A.D.

Where is the new development in Tupton UK?

Tupton has also seen new development around Ankerbold Road, which runs on the outer edge of the village, close to North Wingfield. A large, new, modern housing estate has been built around the Pond Lane proximity, as well as modern housing to the south.