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What did Miranda request her father?

What did Miranda request her father?

Miranda requests her father to bring the state to normal, by making the sea calm because she has a soft heart and is distressed to see the travelers on the ship perishing in the storm. 3.

What does Miranda request her father and why?

Answer: To marry him because they may die to the tempest. Also, they didn’t die because the spirit from the island saved them.

What does Miranda want in The Tempest?

In Act III, scene i comes the second surprising moment—Miranda’s marriage proposal to Ferdinand: “I am your wife, if you will marry me; / If not, I’ll die your maid” (III. i. 83–84 ). Her proposal comes shortly after Miranda has told herself to remember her “father’s precepts” (III.

Why was Miranda upset with her father?

Having been on the island for 12 years, she is quite frustrated with her father for being so discourteous to Ferdinand since this may be her only opportunity to find love, let alone simply speak to another human being. Ferdinand proposes that she become the Queen of Naples.

Why is Miranda’s virginity important to Prospero?

Prospero seems preoccupied with Miranda’s virginity because it is inextricably bound up with Prospero’s own power. Virginity was often an important bargaining point‹most notably, for Queen Elizabeth, who used her eligibility to gain a great deal of power throughout her reign.

What was the request of Miranda?

Explanation: Prospero asks his daughter Miranda to wait because he wants her to hear the story of their past with patients without interrupting him. Without his knowledge, she will not be able to understand why the storm was created and the ship was wrecked on purpose.

Why is Miranda important in the tempest?

Throughout the course of the play, Miranda acts as a foil to Prospero’s more violent instincts and serves as a sounding board to move the play’s plot further. She is also a central figure in her father’s revenge, enabling Prospero to gain political prestige through her marriage to the Prince of Naples, Ferdinand.

How does Miranda act in The Tempest?

Character attributes Kind-hearted – when she witnesses the ship in the storm, Miranda’s concern is for the poor souls on board. Innocent – she has never met any other people apart from her father and Caliban, so when she meets Ferdinand, she falls instantly in love. Obedient – she generally follows her father’s orders.

How does Miranda defend Ferdinand?

When he tells Ferdinand he is going to imprison him, Ferdinand draws his sword, but Prospero charms him so that he cannot move. Miranda attempts to persuade her father to have mercy, but he silences her harshly.

Why does Miranda weep?

Answer : Miranda feels very bad on seeing Ferdinand carry logs of wood. She weeps whenever she sees him do such an arduous tasks. She asks him not to work so hard. In her anger and desperation she wishes the lighting and burnt up those logs he was to lift and pile up.

Why does Prospero want his daughter’s marriage to Ferdinand?

wants Ferdinand to make sure he waits until Miranda and him are officially married before they engage in any sexual act because that would be the right thing to do. Prospero wants his daughter to have a magical wedding and this shows how much he cares about Mirandas future with Ferdinand.

How does Miranda and Ferdinand love grow?

The fact that Prospero orders Ferdinand around and that Miranda falls in love with him through the workings of his magic place their romance within the power of Prospero as the playwright. As Ferdinand falls more in love with Miranda in Act 3, he thinks less about his father.