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What does Andrew Clements do for a living?

What does Andrew Clements do for a living?

EditorChildren’s writer
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What are three facts about Andrew Clements?

Fun Facts about Andrew Clements

  • He likes to write in a shed behind his house where there are no distractions.
  • He says he writes his books “one word at a time”.
  • Clements has a Master of Art in teaching.
  • He taught creative writing to high school students at a summer workshop.
  • Andrew has four kids of his own.

What happened to Andrew Clements?

Andrew Clements, who mined a brief teaching career in Illinois in writing two dozen books for young readers, most notably “Frindle,” which sold more than eight million copies, died on Nov. 28 at his home in West Baldwin, Maine. He was 70. His wife, Rebecca (Pierpont) Clements, said the cause had not been determined.

Who inspired Andrew Clements to read?

During my senior year at Springfield High School my English teacher handed back a poem I’d written. Two things were amazing about that paper.

What are the awards Andrew Clements won?

Edgar Award for Best Juvenile
Andrew Clements/Awards

What killed Andrew Clements?

November 28, 2019
Andrew Clements/Date of death

Why did the author write Frindle?

The author’s purpose in Frindle was to entertain, but also to inform. Andrew Clements is a children’s literature mastermind. Most of his stories have to do with schools, and often with extremely bright kids trying to buck the system.

Is frindle a series?

Publication Order of Things Books

Things Not Seen (2002) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Things Hoped For (2006) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Things That Are (2008) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Is frindle realistic fiction?

Frindle is an example of realistic fiction. In realistic fiction, the events did not actually happen, but they are things that could believably happen. In realistic fiction, you don’t find talking animals or people living on other planets.

Is there a movie for the book frindle?

Frindle is not a movie. Written by Andrew Clements in 1996, Frindle follows a fifth grader named Nick Allen who “comes up with an argument about how objects are named and where words come from.”

How do you spell Frindle?

Frindle is an American children’s novel written by Andrew Clements, illustrated by Brian Selznick, and published by the company Aladdin in 1996.

Is the word Frindle real?

‘Frindle’ is a word but it is not a word that is found in official dictionaries. It was coined by Andrew Clements in his 1996 children’s book, Frindl…